First edition of the Top 500 NGOs USA scoring process is underway. Submit your organization, before August 31, 2018!


17% of all NGOs worldwide are based in the United States. Time for a Top 500 NGOs USA.

Introducing the Top 500 NGOs USA

The nonprofit sector is thriving in the United States – empowering citizens, supporting communities, and demonstrating the vibrant forces for social change emerging from civic engagement, civil society, and academia. No surprise then that US-based nonprofits and social enterprises represent 130 of the 500 organizations ranked in the Top 500 NGOs World. That’s a whopping 26% – far exceeding estimates that US organizations account for 17% of NGOs worldwide.

US-based NGOs are engaging citizens and changing lives all over the world, showing the innovation and determination to make an impact that we have come to expect from the United States. With over 200,000 US nonprofits declaring a yearly income of $100,000 or more, many organizations are active both in the USA and around the world. Considering the flourishing US nonprofit sector, it seems only fair to these organizations to give them a national ranking all their own: the Top 500 NGOs USA. This is a challenging task that requires specific methodological efforts. The first edition of the Top 500 NGOs USA is to be the 2019 edition, due January 2019. So make sure you are on our radar and join the competition. Register your org now!


How can I tell if my organization is eligible to participate in the US Top 500 NGOs?

Organizations that wish to participate in the US rankings must meet the following conditions: they must have an American taxpayer identification number (TIN); they must file taxes with the IRS; they must run at least one major program within the United States; and they must have an executive team based in the United States. If you believe your organization meets these requirements, please tick the “Participate in the Top 500 NGOs USA” box on the online questionnaire. If we have concerns about your participation, we will contact you.

Organizations that are headquartered in the US but do not conduct any major activity in the US are not eligible to participate in this ranking. We encourage NGOs headquartered but not active in the US to participate in the Top 500 NGOs World.

If a US-based organization is ranked in the Top 500 NGOs World, is it automatically ranked in the Top 500 NGOs USA?

An organization headquartered in the US and ranked in the Top 500 NGOs World will not be automatically ranked in the Top 500 NGOs USA. It will have to go through the ranking process for the Top 500 NGOs USA separately. It will, however, be automatically submitted for scoring in the US competition.

The same applies to an organization that is headquartered in the US and ranked in the Top 500 NGOs USA: it will be automatically included in the scoring process for the Top 500 NGOs World.

Can an organization be ranked in both the USA and World Top 500 lists?

Yes, it is possible for an organization to be ranked in more than one Top 500 list, but this situation can only arise in one of two scenarios.

First, the organization could be headquartered in the United States and doing excellent work in both the US and abroad, earning it a Top 500 score on the US as well as the World or India rankings.

Second, an organization might have multiple branches. As long as each branch operates independently of the others, each is eligible to participate in different rankings. For example, MSF is a Geneva-based NGO that operates around the world, making it seem to be eligible to participate only in the World ranking; however, MSF also has an independent US headquarters that can participate in the USA ranking. Note that in the US ranking, we only accept organizations that report their income to the IRS.

Does an organization with a profile on the NGO ADVISOR platform have to create a new profile for the US platform?

Organizations headquartered in the US that already have a profile on the NGO ADVISOR World platform do not have to create a second profile to take part in the US rankings, as long as their annual report and fiscal statements are similar for both rankings.

Organizations that are active in the US and wish to participate in the USA ranking, but which are part of an international network or are a subsidiary of an organization headquartered outside the US, must submit an annual report that is consistent with their US fiscal statements.

Does an organization have to pay twice to participate in both the World and USA rankings?

There is no fee to participate in either the Top 500 World or USA rankings. An organization may fill out the questionnaire and participate in both rankings for free by choosing the Listed PRO Plan. If an organization chooses to purchase a paid PRO Plan and create a profile, the information provided in the account might be valid for both the USA and World rankings.

If an organization is headquartered outside the US but has an active US subsidiary, the subsidiary is eligible to participate in the US as long as it files taxes with the IRS. The subsidiary can register for free by creating a NGO PRO Plan Listed account and filling out the questionnaire with information related to its US operations, including IRS forms. If the subsidiary would like to have its own profile then it must upgrade to a Registered, Verified, or Certified NGO PRO Plan.