Meet the World's 200
Best Social Good
Organizations for 2021

The 2021 new 200 Rankings list by NGO Advisor captures the leading Social Good Organizations (SGOs) operating from every corner of the planet.

The NGO Advisor 200 listing presents the ‘Ivy League’ of the social good sphere in terms of their people-centered governance and holistic innovation and impact. These 200 SGOs embody and carry out the very enriching and diverse criteria for what results in ‘social profit’.

The social good sector has evolved immensely since the end of World War II. The charity-focused model/approach was soon to shift beyond faith-based organizations. The ‘non-governmental sector’ took the ambitious lead in exposing and facing the many challenges affecting our societies. From responding to humanitarian crises to focusing on development and advocacy efforts in tandem, the boundaries of the sector certainly have been moving and evolving, and are now somewhat blurred and perhaps irrelevant in keeping pace with continuous and rapid changes in our communities. Thus, the term ‘non-governmental’ has reached its limits in being able to accurately articulate today’s reality. With the emergence of social enterprises, the social good sphere has further evolved to encompass various categories of participants, including the private sector

Given the many changes in what has led to today’s understanding of social good, it is no surprise to see the diversity of participants in the 200 Rankings.

Starting in 2021, the 200 RANKINGS will represent a milestone and a critical shifting point as NGO Advisor moves away from its Top 500 list. The 500 cut fell short of giving recognition to many more relevant organizations and comprehensively presenting and crediting the leading organizations. By shifting to a 200 Rankings, NGO Advisor will pay a fairer tribute to the fast-growing social good sphere. This evolution also reveals that the social good sphere is moving steadily towards transforming the world for the better. While financial profit is a critical force, so can be and is social profit. If both have an economic impact, which they do, then social profit paves the way to a more sustainable future in all aspects of life on this planet.

With this in mind, NGO Advisor is proud to introduce the 200 Rankings

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