Learn from a 360 Strategic Stress Test

A comprehensive look at your organization to identify key strategic assets and opportunities to fuel your future development.

What is the NGO Advisor Stress test?

The NGO Advisor Stress test is a tool that aims to help organizations to learn about their strengths and areas of possible improvement in terms of innovation, impact, and governance. It aims to provide factual, compact, and provocative data about how organizations measure up in the non-profit world.

The NGO Advisor Stress Test report shall look into the non-profit organization’s: (a) ability to innovate; (b) economic model and financial data; (c ) governance; (d) human capital management; (e) impact; (f) knowledge management; (g) outreach and communications; (h) strategy; (i) sustainability, and; (j) transparency.


What does the NGO Advisor Stress Test aim to provide?

The Stress Test report shall not indicate a numerical score or correlate to a Top 200 NGOs rank.  Rather, the stress test results shall elaborate on the following topics:

  • The quality of available and provided information regarding an organization;
  • Identify areas where an organization can further enhance and develop in terms of strategic asset management. This could include improvements in developing exclusive knowledge, managing resources such as human capital, and revamping the economic model, credibility, or governance, to name a few.
  • Provide possible ways how an organization can improve in terms of strategic communications, taking strategic goals and assets into account.


Who can benefit from the Stress Test?

Since the basis of the NGO Advisor’s analysis is high-quality public information and an understanding of what it sees on its non-profit radar, any organization can benefit from the NGO Stress Tess. In theory, organizations that embrace the results from this kind of testing could take steps that can positively impact their rankings. It will allow them to step back and study (and even question) the course of their endeavor as an organization, which in turn may drive them to develop more effectively.


Why go for the NGO Advisor Stress test?

NGO Advisor upholds the concept of the added value that comes with non-profits, even when it is hard to choose its evaluation currency. This value-added of the non-profit sector is exactly what NGO Advisor is trying to highlight and to help grow by launching this Stress Test.

The Stress Test aims to provide organizations with:

  • A comprehensive look at what NGO Advisor identifies as key strategic assets and opportunities for continued development;
  • The ability to understand and identify low hanging fruits in terms of strategic communications, and;
  • Out-of-the-box perspectives from a unique observer of the non-profit world.


Interested to know more? Please feel free to contact us at info@ngoadvisor.net

The NGO Advisor’s Stress Test cost CHF 2’800. This shall include a 4-day assignment and a one day dedicated to profile updating. Organizations with a Premium Club membership are given a 20% discount. Please claim your coupon code at info@ngoadvisor.net

Learn from a 360 Strategic Stress Test

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