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Whether we talk fundraising, strategic communications, team and volunteering engagement, being part of the PREMIUM CLUB offers a great deal of opportunities and unleashes innovative thinking.

Members of the PREMIUM CLUB exclusively benefit from the following features and services in order to:

  • Gain control over the entire profile, and update it at any time;
  • Be allowed to add pictures to profile at any time;
  • Show to any reader useful contact info for fundraising, partnering, and media inquiries;
  • Show to any reader the ‘Donate‘ button with direct link to your donate page;
  • Accesss to NGO Advisor guide to optimize filling in its online profile form;
  • Provide free access to full profile to any user of NGO Advisor platform;
  • Provide free access to full profile to anyone receiving profile’s URL – Great for social networking and communications;
  • Get the short intro piece by NGO Advisor presenting your organisation to any reader and researcher;
  • Show the 10 Ratings by NGO Advisor presenting your organisation to any reader and researcher;
  • Download organisation’s badge (with rank and year of rankings) for free use in your communications – download directly from your account;
  • Make sure to be reviewed and scored by NGO Advisor for the next upcoming rankings;
  • Be a participant to NGO Advisor’s Executive Voice Series;
  • Benefit from promotion given to each Executive Voice Series interviewee in NGO Advisor social networks and platform;
  • Access to NGO Advisor data including full rankings, exclusive interviews, special reports…
  • 20% discount on any NGO Advisor Solutions including GPO Certification, Strategic Stress Test and other Solutions by NGO Advisor;


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