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Delivering solutions and leveraging ideas that can make a difference to grow any organization, its reputation, impact, and governance, is what comes first. Our focus is to help the nonprofit sector and its many players to gain more leverage out of innovation, intelligence, and good governance. By leveraging data and insights across the entire sector with our scoring and evaluating experience and methodology we multiply opportunities for greater impact.

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Since October 2018, NGO Advisor is requesting from any new organization willing to create and/or handle its profile at NGO Advisor to either purchase the Fill in & Submit solution (one-off fee) or become a member of NGO Advisor Premium Club (yearly subscription). The same request is made to organizations that have not yet claimed their profile. Consequently, you won’t be able to create a new organisation profile or manage an existing profile at NGO Advisor with a Free Account.

NGO Advisor priority goes to reviewing and scoring based on publicly available data. As regards profile, NGO Advisor is doing its best to update basic information but cannot guarantee profile presents the latest and most complete data.

If you wish to become official representative for an existing organization profile at NGO Advisor, or if you are part of your organization team updating its profile, feel free to write to for guidance and assistance. Organisations with budgetary constraints can apply for a 25% discount – please write back if interested.

Please DO NOT create a Free Account if you are not associated with any of those options.

The 2019 rankings will be announced on January 29, 2019. Deadline for updating profile is December 5, 2018.

The Top NGOs rankings exists since 2011 and were published for the first time in January 2012. Initially a Top 100 with a journalistic approach, it became a Top 500 in 2015 with a complete new methodology based on greater academic substratum. Over these years, our focus was methodology, methodology, methodology. Our major concern about the listing was “Please, not just the big orgs”. We managed both. Today our focus goes to data and solutions.

At NGO Advisor, we do review and score nonprofits since 2011. We estimate that beyond the 10+ millions nonprofits in the world, about 50,000 of them are ultimately driving the evolution of the sector – we agree that we include in that number start-ups and well-established organizations. Meaning that we have room for progress and that we appreciate if you reach out from your corner of the planet.

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