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The NGO Advisor listing is first and foremost the only such international reference to learn about NGOs delivering such an impact in their given context and according to their means. The listing is a perfect place to spot innovative thinking in the for-social profit world. We are not obsessed with disruption but sometimes disruptive organizations bring a great deal of energy to confront obstacles. Finally, we are looking at governance and not just to board members: Human resources come as an essential set of data that do mirror any organization’s health and capability to deliver, and we are proud to give that information great value. We’re also keen to find out about an organization’s ability to think and implement system change, more than simply “scaling up”. Finally, we think that knowledge transfer is critical and that field operations must be part of any sustainability policy from executives in the for-social profit industry. So by exploring the listing you will explore a world of fascinating organizations, individuals, and teams.


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