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With a little help, love beats drugs

In 1999, the year the organization was founded, YCAB helped 2,000 youths get off of drugs, out of crime, and back into school. By 2012, that number had grown to 400,000. By 2015, it had soared to 3 million. There aren’t many organizations that can report such vast growth in just 16 years, and there are especially few in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Laos, the countries where YCAB currently operates. The key to YCAB’s success? Love. YCAB’s full name, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, translates to “Loving the Nation’s Children Foundation.”

In the 1990s, YCAB founder Veronica Colondam became alarmed with the strong correlation between increasing high school dropout rates and substance abuse and street crime among Indonesian youth. She quickly realized that this correlation represented both the problem and the solution. As such, YCAB bases its programs on three major ideas: combatting risky youth behaviors by promoting healthy lifestyle options; creating Learning Centers for dropouts; and running entrepreneurship and job creation programs that include microloans, seed capital, and vocational training. Health, education and economy in a context where youth feel loved, hopeful, and full of opportunity – that is the YCAB cocktail.

But the organization does not stop there. Colondam wanted her project to be sustainable, scalable, and long-lived. To ensure the organization’s lasting success, YCAB now sources its revenue streams both internally and externally. Its social enterprise model guarantees the sustainability of all programs. YCAB has sustainably covered all administrative costs since 2010, thanks to four businesses the organization established in 2000. Outside of its social entrepreneurship programs, YCAB taps into corporations’ CSR programs, governmental support, and international grants, including one offered by the US Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. YCAB also offers to mediate for public authorities, and is able to enter public-private partnerships that address the widespread modern plague of youth drug use and street crime.

Beyond its success as an organization, YCAB has proven that education and access to finances can help youths achieve a great deal. Love and respect can get kids back into school and away from substance dependency. From our vantage point, it seems that YCAB’s growth and international expansion is only just beginning.


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YCAB Foundation
YCAB Foundation
Child by Child We Build Our World
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Jakarta | Indonesia
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Jl. Surya Mandala I. No,8D, Kedoya, Jakarta Barat 11520 | Jakarta Indonesia
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Jl. Surya Mandala I. No,8D, Kedoya, Jakarta Barat 11520 | Jakarta Indonesia
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Samantha Susilo (Female)
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+62 21 5835 5000 (Ext 207)
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Samantha Susilo (Female)
Head of Development and Communication
+62 21 5835 5000 (Ext 207)
+62 21 5835 5000 (Ext 207)
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Established in 1999, YCAB Foundation is the founding and flagship organization in the YCAB social enterprise group based on a mutually reinforcing and financially sustainable social change model. The lives of more than four million underprivileged youth and almost 200,000 women owned MSMEs have been impacted through education and mission driven inclusive financing.


The pandemic in 2020 caught the whole world off guard and unprepared to address the consequences of the Covid-19 virus. Government regulations was changing constantly, social distancing was enacted and schools were closed. Despite the official birthdate of the internet some 37 years ago in Jan 1983; we were still unprepared for the way technology took over many aspects of how we live and work.


YCAB Foundation adapted and innovated to ensure those who needed help would continue to do so by shifting all our programs to digital transformation. Online training modules, chatbots, training through gamification were developed to ensure our beneficiaries were able to receive aid and assistance.


With the economic downturn, almost 10 million people became unemployed and with the scarcity of available jobs, the marginalized communities especially youths who have just graduated needed to be given skills to level the playing field.


According to the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny G Plate; to prepare for industry 4.0 an estimated 9 million digital talents are needed in Indonesia by 2030. The rise of technology in the past century contributed to this demand. Being skilled in STEM has become increasingly important and relevant.


To address this, YCAB has stretched our training to youths to include STEM, Coding and Programming, Work Readiness, Entrepreneurship and 21st century soft skills to ensure the youth have the skills and knowledge to be self-reliant.


Additionally, YCAB Foundation is also focused on women’s economic empowerment by providing them with financial literacy, digital marketing and entrepreneurship training. Given the fact that Covid-19 hit women-owned MSMEs the hardest, building their resilience was crucial for the national economy as they contribute over 60% of Indonesia’s GDP.


Through the crisis, YCAB Foundation has moved forward, developing new, innovative ways to deliver our mission, mobilizing support and harnessing stakeholder engagements to provide an impressive response to Covid as follows;

  1. i-SERVE Vaccine Clinic

Indonesia’s Covid-19 deaths and cases have been reported as the worst in the world with nearly 1,900 daily deaths (80 deaths/hour) bringing the total deaths to almost 110,000 and 3,686,740 positive cases of which 12.6% were children. With this in mind, YCAB Foundation together with stakeholders supported to accelerate the government’s vaccination initiative to achieve herd immunity. The i-SERVE vaccine clinic focuses on the elderly, general public, children, children with special needs/disability and the homeless in Jakarta, Serang and Bandung. Our focus on children with special needs was driven by the report that 1 in 8 Covid-19 patients in Indonesia are children, an age group that was previously not threatened by the virus (BBC, 2021). Active child cases continue to rapidly rise and numbers of weekly infections recorded among under-18s has doubled in less than one month (IDAI, 2021). Indonesia is also reported to currently hold the highest child mortality rate in the world due to Covid-19. Additionally, amongst children, those with special needs have proven to be one of the most at risk from Covid-19 as those infected have a higher mortality rate and are four times more likely to contract the virus than others (Kompas, 2020).


To date, with i-SERVE Vaccine, we have successfully vaccinated 57,963 people.

  1. Oxygen For Indonesia

With the huge shortage of oxygen concentrators in hospitals in Indonesia, YCAB Foundation took part in a movement that invited startup organisations, corporations and the public to raise funds for the procurement of oxygen concentrators to save millions of lives from the threat of Covid-19. Since July 2021, US$4 million have been raised to procure 2,500 oxygen concentrators and 8 oxygen generators, approximately impacting almost 60,000 lives/month and 5 million lives throughout the lifetime of the oxygen concentrators and generators.

  1. IWEF (Indonesian Women Empowerment Fund)

The first ever Gender Lens Investing in Indonesia targets to invest in 20-30 seed stage ventures over the next five years with a targeted US$10 million fund. IWEF aspires to address barriers to women’s economic empowerment and bridge the existing gap by investing in disruptive tech solutions led by women entrepreneurs.

  1. MasterCard Girls4Tech

YCAB Foundation with Center for Inclusive Growth at Mastercard collaborated to address the gender disparity in the tech industry. With a target to train 60,000 girls, the program promotes a greater female participation in STEM-related careers through raising their awareness to related skills. This initiative effectively answers the need for capable, competent and proficient digital talents in present and future industry needs in Indonesia.

  1. Guru Digital and Siswa Digital

Siswa Digital delivers programming and coding training (and scholarship), and is a collaboration between YCAB Foundation and Garena SEA Group. This program was initiated to address the shortage of digital talents in Indonesia and successfully trained over 1,000 teachers and more than 100,000 students. Scholarships was made available to join a coding bootcamp where the scholars learned to complete a series of training and self-study sessions on how to think with the design thinking method and get to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages.

  1. Standard Chartered Foundation Covid-19 Economic Recovery Program (Ibu Harta)

A collaboration between YCAB Foundation, Youth Business International (YBI) and Standard Chartered Foundation; this program aims to support young people between 18-35 years of age whose businesses have been adversely impacted by the current challenging economic environment. This program is implemented using YCAB’s flagship program called Ibu Harta that integrates digital elements through the development of an educational learning system that features a Chatbot with a Learning Management System (LMS) and an embedded Helpline. Specifically designed to cater to marginalized entrepreneurs with low digital literacy, Ibu Harta leverages the WhatsApp platform as this is the platform familiar to the beneficiaries.

  1. Facebook Karya Perempuan (She Means Business)

This collaboration with Facebook is another Covid-19 response initiative targeting women-owned MSMEs impacted by the pandemic to build resilience. The program provides training to pivot the way business has been done pre-Covid giving digital marketing and financial literacy training. This ensures the women an alternative to continue selling their produce despite social distancing and government lockdowns. YCAB is committed to break generational poverty through women empowerment programs.

  1. Facebook Asah Digital

Asah Digital from Facebook is a program brought together by YCAB Foundation and Facebook to train and develop youth and high school/vocational school teachers on digital literacy and digital citizenship. It is important especially during these times to be a good digital citizen, understanding the dangers of sharing false media and being able to identify internet fraud.

  1. Indika Foundation Rumah Belajar Batik Semarang

The Batik Leaning Center was established with a passion to preserve the culture and heritage of art while developing the creative economy through batik vocational training to the local community in Semarang City. Together with Indika Foundation, the center successfully ran its second year and provided its students with holistic support from batik industry stakeholders, academics, local and central government with the objective of creating jobs through community empowerment whilst preserving the batik heritage.

10        HSBC Resiliency For Women Entrepreneurs and Farmers

Amidst the very serious economic threat brought on by the pandemic, building resiliency became one of YCAB’s main focus in our response to those in need. In collaboration with HSBC Indonesia, a 1-year initiative was created to equip women entrepreneurs and farmers with the skills to sustain or pivot their business to obtain a new income source. Women were trained with new skills (sewing & online marketing) while farmers were empowered with financial and literacy training.


A little about YCAB.


Established in Indonesia on August 13th, 1999 by Veronica Colondam out of her concern about the increasing rate of teens engaging in risky behaviors’ and the millions of youth who drop out of school. The word “Cinta” means Love. YCAB is about loving the least of the nation’s children. This Love is translated into providing hope and opportunity to marginalized youth. YCAB has grown exponentially from reaching out to 2000 youths to more than four million underprivileged youth and almost 200,000 women owned MSMEs.


Over the years, YCAB Foundation has evolved from “impact only” to an “impact first” organization; from being a non-profit supported by only donations to becoming a sustainable social enterprise. YCAB Foundation focuses on the area of women economic empowerment to enable youth education.


By 2030, YCAB Foundation will become the key enabler in ensuring students learn, youth earns, and mothers are empowered by developing and scaling key programs in order to break the generational poverty cycle. In relation to YCAB’s theory of change, there will be 4 main focuses to the organization’s priorities:

  1. Mothers Empowered; Integrated Financial Inclusion Services
  2. Student Learns: Enabling Education
  3. Youth Earns: Self-Reliant Next Gen
  4. Flourishing Social Enterprise Ecosystem: Continuum of Capital, Social Investment

In 2021, in further ensuring quality standard and work, YCAB Foundation has been certified with an ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management system.

Please Briefly Describe Your Economic Model.
YCAB Foundation’s economic model is based on exponential growth and sustainability. Through YCAB Foundation, YCAB International and YCAB Asia we hope to create bigger impact to marginalized women and youth by providing grants to empower other NGOs aligned with YCAB’s vision and mission.

YCAB Foundation as a social enterprise has invested in relevant portfolio companies such as YCAB Ventures providing mission driven ultra microfinance to women MSMEs. Economic empowerment to enable education is the basis of a mutually reinforcing and financially sustainable social change model.
The YCAB Social Enterprise Group has invested in portfolio companies to share resources and ensure the sustainability of YCAB Foundation and our programs. As a social enterprise, we have now invested in 12 companies since 2000. Since late 2010, our portfolio companies have managed to cover 100% of YCAB’s administration cost outside of program operations cost.

In 2007, YCAB International Inc. was established in Atlanta, Georgia, structured as a non-profit 501(c)(3) with a headquarter in New York City. By 2013, our international pilot projects have been realized in five other countries: Afghanistan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Uganda.
2021 has been a very exciting time for YCAB International Inc. as we push forward to meet the needs brought on by the pandemic. In our effort to provide assistance and leveraging the international platform, YCAB International Inc. fundraised and granted funding to local (Indonesian- based) NGOs as part of the Oxygen for Indonesia campaign to procure and distribute oxygen concentrators to hospitals.

As part of YCAB Foundation’s growth and sustainability strategy, YCAB Asia was established in 2020 with a goal to raise $50 million in an endowment fund. This endowment fund will be used to provide grants to NGO’s aligned with YCAB’s vision and mission. In this way, we can create more impact through collaborative efforts.

Our stakeholders involve governments, MNC, affiliation with various associations, schools and universities and pro-bono advisory partners from firms such as Bain &; Co, Boston Consulting Group.


  1. Provide integrated financial inclusion services for
    ultra micro-entrepreneurial mothers to improve their
    family’s welfare and their children’s education.
  2. Champion educational justice through holistic
    programs to enable youth to optimize their potential
    and become financially independent.
  3. Invest in impactful and scalable social enterprises
    whose work strengthens and aligns with YCAB’s
  4. Our Vision is to build a thriving world where youth and mothers are
    empowered through love, hope, and opportunity to
    be liberated from generational poverty in
    sustainable ways
Country (or countries) where active
Indonesia and previously Myanmar, Laos, Uganda, Pakistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan
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Youth Business International

Asia Venture Philanthropy Network

American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia

Schwab Foundation, World Economic Forum http://www.schwabfound.org/content/veronica-colondam

Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum https://www.weforum.org/people/veronica-colondam

Asia Philanthropy Circle

Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneur Affiliate

Asia 21 Young leaders https://asiasociety.org/asia21-young-leaders

Catalyst 2030 https://catalyst2030.net/

The Resource Alliance https://resource-alliance.org/

Global Dignity https://globaldignity.org/

International Labour Organization (ILO)

World Economic Forum https://www.weforum.org/

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) https://www.un.org/ecosoc/en/home

UNESCO (https://en.unesco.org/)

National Narcotics Agency (BNN). http://www.bnn.go.id/

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). https://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/frontpage/life-award-for-journalistic-excellence-in-indonesia.html

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (https://www.kemkes.go.id/index.php?lg=LN02)

National Craft Council (https://dekranas.id/)

ISO 9001:2015 (https://www.tuv.com/indonesia/en/) 

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Samantha Susilo (Female)
Head of Development and Communication
+62 21 5835 5000
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Samantha Susilo (Female)
Head of Development and Communication
+62 21 5835 5000
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Samantha Susilo (Female)
Head of Development and Communication
+62 21 5835 5000
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+62 21 5835 5000 (switchboard)

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Veronica Colondam
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Veronica Colondam is the founder and chief executive officer of YCAB Foundation. She is a published author and speaker; recipient of two United Nation awards (Vienna, 2001 & New York, 2017); YGL (2006); Fellow of Asia21 Young Leader (2007); EY Social Entrepreneur of the Year (2011); Schwab’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year (2012); Forbes' 48 Asian Philanthropist (2015); Women of Impact (2020) and Asia's Top Superwomen (2021). Double degrees in communications and public relations and MSc. in social sciences from Imperial College London. An alumna of special postgraduate education for WEF’s Young Global Leader in HKS, 2009 & Yale, 2014; Leadership (MIT, 2010); Social Entrepreneurship (INSEAD, 2010); Impact Investing (Oxford, 2012). Veronica also sits in the board of Independent Commissioner of PT. PNM Indonesia and AVPN's Chairperson of The Board. Married with three grown children. Veronica enjoys traveling as her dedication to give back and inspire the next gen through lectures & mentorship.
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3 in 2020 and 17,256 (1999/2020)
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74% Localized Staff (Jakarta area)
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Foundation charity organization No. 0220105432736 Indonesia, Registered 501(c3) Foundation in the USA.
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Indonesia 1999, USA 2006
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