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Education Through Tennis
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Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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Avenida Heitor Vieira, 68 Bairro Belém Novo
Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil - 91.780-000
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Avenida Heitor Vieira, 68 Bairro Belém Novo
Porto Alegre - RS - Brazil - 91.780-000
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Marcelo Ruschel da Costa
+55 51 98112.1919
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Marcelo Ruschel da Costa
+55 51 98112.1919
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WimBelemDon is an NGO that aims to promote the inclusion of children and adolescents at risk and/or social vulnerability, promoting the integral development of each student and encouraging them to take the lead.

It all started on October 31, 2000, when photographer Marcelo Ruschel rented an abandoned tennis court in Belém Novo, a neighborhood in the south of Porto Alegre where he lives, to develop a social project with the children of the neighborhood. The name is a pun and tribute to the Wimbledon Tournament in London.

Tennis is the main focus in attracting and retaining the children and adolescents served, interconnected socio-emotional, pedagogical, and cultural workshops, such as cinema, arts, learning laboratory, literacy, and psychology groups, promoting individual and social transformations. In addition to these activities, our students receive a snack and lunch daily.

The activities and workshops offered are:

  • Tennis Sports Workshops
  • Recreational Sports Workshops
  • Psychology Workshops
  • Sport Psychology Workshops
  • Well-being and relaxation practices
  • Learning Labs
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Literacy and Storytelling Workshops
  • Cultural Arts Workshops
  • Cultural Cinema Workshops

All the workshops develop work based on attributes, understood as the human values necessary for a full life and the construction of a just and egalitarian society, leading students to understand their importance in life, for a good life. human relationship, and for self-knowledge.

Each one of these personal attributes – love, altruism, self-acceptance, empathy, generosity, kindness, gratitude, honesty, humility, forgiveness, perseverance, respect, and tolerance – is important for the pupils and becomes largely influential in their journey to self-discovery and their relationship with their peers and the wider society.

In its more than twenty years of history, WimBelemDon has been the scene of countless cases of social transformation in the more than 1,000 children and adolescents attended. These are stories that involve improving school performance, entering university, the labor market, and, mainly, improving family relationships.

In addition to the positive results we see in our students, we also have the recognition of society. In two opportunities (2017 and 2018, we were on a select list of the 100 Best NGOs in Brazil in an evaluation that involves criteria of good management and transparency. In 2019 we received the international certification of ICFO – International Committee on Fundraising Organizations ( which also evaluates NGOs on similar criteria. And we are also the only Brazilian institution awarded the ATP Aces for Charity, an award that the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) awards for social causes linked to tennis.

In addition to formal recognition, we are very proud of the support we receive from individuals and companies who believe in our work. Since 2015, we have already carried out six crowdfunding campaigns with different objectives and, in all of them, we reached and exceed our crowdfunding goals.

This gives us the certainty that we are on the right path to continue our work of promoting SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION.


“That all children may have a dream and the capacity to pursue it while creating a fair, self-sustaining society”.


“To promote social transformation for vulnerable children and teenagers through the practice of tennis and cultural, pedagogical and socio-emotional activities, adopting a human outlook that respects the limits and activates the potential of each pupil, encouraging them to be autonomous, spreading good values and inspiring the communities around them”.


INNOVATION: We use innovation and creativity to engage people, thereby promoting change and collective growth.

PERSEVERANCE: We are committed to and driven by our cause, and we work with courage and perseverance to contribute towards the creation of a fair, self-sustaining society.

TRANSFORMATION: We promote social transformation through integrated development, creating opportunities for individuals to be transformative agents towards a fair and diverse society.

EMPATHY: We create solid, long-lasting ties by living our values and examples.

TRANSPARENCY: We value trustworthy relationships through actions based on an honest, transparent position, which  results in recognition of the work done.


To promote the social inclusion of at-risk and/or vulnerable children and teenagers using sport, culture, and education as transformative tools.


  • To offer educational, sports, and cultural activities, thereby stimulating the pupils’ physical, cognitive, emotional, and artistic development.
  • To promote socializing and working with ethical values to respect differences, integration, cooperation, and improvement of school attainment.
  • To encourage the development of competences and skills that respect different learning styles and the pupils’ multiple intelligences during their participation in the project.
  • To expand lived experiences and worldviews through participation in different cultural and sports events, such as visiting theatres, museums, expos, and tennis tournaments.
  • To guarantee the daily provision of well-balanced meals, aiming to encourage the development of healthy eating habits.
Please Briefly Describe Your Economic Model.
WimBelemDon is a non-profit organization which receives donations and sponsorship from individuals, foundations and companies.

In 2021 we are launching a philanthropic equity fund (endowment) aimed at the financial sustainability of the organization in the long term.


To promote social transformation for vulnerable children and teenagers through the practice of tennis and cultural, pedagogical and socio-emotional activities, adopting a human outlook that respects the limits and activates the potential of each pupil, encouraging them to be autonomous, spreading good values and inspiring the communities around them.
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Alliances, Networks, and Affiliations

We have several partnerships with companies and institutions that support WimBelemDon in its management and pedagogical processes. We can highlight some of them`:

Fundação Itaú Social: as members of the Missão em Foco Program, our organization receives financial support and technical support in different areas. The program’s objective is to assist NGOs in their institutional development and strengthening (

BrazilFoundation: the partnership with the NGO has already yielded several positive results for WimBelemDon, mainly through the receipt of funds in crowdfunding campaigns (

PMI-RS: the PMI chapter in Rio Grande do Sul (the southern state of Brazil where we are located) has supported us both in projects to improve the organization’s management and in qualification projects for our students ( ).

Edutt: the largest educacional streaming in Brazil and a Google For Education representative for Latin America has been a partner of WimBelemDon since the middle of 2020. The partnership made it possible that, in the midst of the pandemic, we could improve the contact and sending of online activities for our students. (

Contact Information for Press Inquiries
Uffizi Comunicação e Relacionamento
Almir Freitas
+55 51 99115.8656
Contact Information for Fundraising Inquiries
Marcelo Ruschel - CEO
+55 51 98112.1919
Cristiano Santarem - Communication Manager
+55 51 99197-3814
Contact Information for Development and Partnership Inquiries
Marcelo Ruschel - CEO
+55 51 98112.1919
Cristiano Santarem - Communication Manager
+55 51 99197-3814
Contact Information for Inquiries from Private Sector
Marcelo Ruschel - CEO
+55 51 98112.1919
Cristiano Santarem - Communication Manager
+55 51 99197-3814

Human Resources

Full name
Marcelo Ruschel da Costa
Short Biography
Marcelo Ruschel was a restless and very active child ... He always repeats a phrase he heard from his grandfather, who raised him: “You don't have to be the best, just do your best in everything you do”. He started working early, as an office boy in an uncle's company. At the age of 18 he started working on a big oil company as an administrative assistant. At the age of 20 he decided to quit his job at Ipiranga and the university studies in law at PUC-RS to dedicate himself to a passion: photography. In photography, always as a free lancer, he sought to work in the areas he most liked. Architecture, Environment, Music and Sport were present in its 31 years of successful career. Within these areas, sports was the one that most marked his professional life. He was an official photographer for several international sporting events, such as several editions of the World Championship of Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer and tennis, among others. But it was in tennis that Marcelo gained international renown. In the international competition that most involves countries in the world, the Davis Cup of tennis, Marcelo accompanied the Brazilian tennis team in several countries. And, hired by the ITF-International Tennis Federation, he was the official photographer for dozens of Davis Cup clashes. Between 2000 and 2002, he followed the peak of Gustavo “Guga” Kuerten's career, hired by one of the tennis player's biggest sponsors, recording moments inside and outside the courts in the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. But it was in the area of ​​environmental photography that Marcelo awoke to social entrepreneurship. He decided to do a photo essay on sea lions, on Ilha dos Lobos, the smallest ecological reserve in Brazil. There, he faced a sad situation. In winter, fishermen killed these mammals to avoid competition for fish, the main food, contributing to the extinction and deterioration of animals and the reserve. What was supposed to be just a photographic exhibition, gave him inspiration to take the project to other cities and capitals, carrying out a petition, requesting greater protection from the public spheres in the preservation of the ecological reserve. Upon realizing the impact of this solitary and unpretentious action, he realized that he could do more for society. In another work in the same area, he was a volunteer photographer for a preservation project for the Southern Right Whale, the second most endangered species of whale on the planet. In this work, in addition to several photographic exhibitions throughout Brazil, he gave lectures to more than 2,500 young people from public schools in the municipality of Imbituba / SC. Marcelo really enjoyed the work of environmental education and, at this point, the social entrepreneur was almost ready. Joining his experience in the sport, he decided, without any knowledge in the third sector, to create a social project in an underprivileged region, aiming at the improvement of the community and its residents. From an abandoned tennis court, he created, together with his wife in October 2000, the WimBelemDon Project. Marcelo considers 2008/2009 the frontier between amateurism and the professionalism of his social initiative. Due to the 2008 global economic crisis, the project almost had to end its activities. And to make matters worse, the only maintainer (Copesul - Rio Grande do Sul petrochemical company, sold to Braskem) announced his departure due to the change of command. At this moment, Marcelo and Luciane realized the children's sadness and how they understood WimBelemDon as a great opportunity in their lives. They agreed that if the Project survived that bad moment, they would do everything to train themselves in the third sector. And that's what happened. In a pilot project by the BID - "Inter-American Development Bank", the organization was accepted into a course called "Principles of Accountability and Transparency (PCT) for NGOs" and carried out by the NGO Parceiros Voluntários from Rio Grande do Sul. 76 NGOs from Rio Grande do Sul were trained , in 18 months and the result of the work turned into a book written by Maria Elena Johannpeter, called “NGO - Transparency and Accountability as a critical success factor”, where, of the 12 chapters, one of them told the success story of WimBelemDon. From this experience, WimBelemDon has not stopped professionalizing, and as a result it had several regional, national and international recognitions and awards. Marcelo started to give several lectures, the biggest one to TEDx-Laçador (2015) and to participate in several courses, seminars and workshops on the third sector. Since the founding of WimBelemDon, Marcelo's passion for photography has gradually been overwhelmed by his passion for the Third Sector and his pleasure in promoting Social Transformation. He ended his career as a photojournalist in March 2014 to dedicate himself exclusively to WimBelemDon. Marcelo always considered himself a dreamer and always chased his dreams and this reflected in the NGO's own vision: “May every child have a dream and the ability to seek it, creating a fair and self-sustaining society ".
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The city authorities changed the number of our headquarters, which forced us to have to change our bylaws.
We take the opportunity to insert other changes such as:
Being able to serve, in addition to children, adolescents and young people, the elderly public
The possibility that all of our board meetings may also be remote
And that we can sell products related to the institution as an alternative source of funds.

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USD 342.438,30
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USD 33.908,30
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USD 497.330,26
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USD 179.713,00
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Mr. Roberto Bianchessi
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