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Você em Ação - You In Action
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São Paulo, São Paulo | Brazil
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243 Amacás street, 05792-030, São Paulo, São Paulo - Brazil
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Vitor Matsuoka
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In 1967 is founded the Community Action of Brazil, a result of social activity of great Brazilian entrepreneurs, as Francisco Matarazzo Sobrinho, Paul Ayres Filho, Ruy Mesquita and José Martins Pinheiro Neto, who decided to invest in bold social projects that differentiate the traditional welfare standard of the time.

The focus of the work was focused on the formation and articulation of community leaders, legal support for the creation of neighborhood associations and mobilization of residents. At that time, pilot projects were implemented in slums and shantytowns of Sao Paulo, replicated on a large scale and maintaining this activity profile in its first ten years.

However, during the execution of this work, other urgent demands emerged. The number of women began to work outside the home increased and they could not find day care centers or schools where they could leave their children, looking for relatives or friends, who ended up taking care of a large number of children. To provide support to these “Community escolinhas” Community Action established its first agreements with neighborhood organizations to provide material support and teaching.

From the late ’70s, more structured neighborhood organizations began to demand our support – still provided without strict selection criteria, an aspect that was changed at the beginning of the next decade.

From the 1980s the Community Action decided to restrict and further focus its activities. In 1981 she focused its projects in Early Childhood Education, Professional Initiation, Culture and Recreation and Community Health, acting more strongly in the southern area of São Paulo, where he had settled a great demand for this type of service. In 1982, with the support of companies Henisa hydromechanical, JHS Construction, Construction Morais Dantas and Sobloco Construction, Community Action is established in its own building located in the neighborhood of Campo Limpo, where it operates today.

In 2000, after the establishment of the Children and Adolescents, a new internal survey identified a more complex scenario, with increasing demand from families to programs focused on children and adolescents, a growing number of women entering the labor market, worsening social tensions in the periphery and the need for greater efforts to social inclusion of youth. These factors led Community Action decide to work only with children, adolescents and youth, rewriting its mission and reordering its action strategies.

In 2013, as a result of the Strategic Plan 2013-2018, the provision of social services for social inclusion has been reorganized to create greater specialization and synergy between all areas of the organization. It was established as priorities, in addition to the maintenance of direct and indirect care, the approach by the government to influence public policies, production and dissemination of knowledge.

In July 2015, seeking to reinvent itself to grow, serve and impact more people and communities, community action has undergone a process of rebranding and launched to the market the Vocation, with a more modern communication and most updated designs to the needs of Brazil contemporary. The Vocation carries nearly 50 years of history and the quality of services of the Community Action of Brazil, but is more mature and prepared to handle the challenges of the next 50 years.

Vocation is made up of three areas that drive our work and act together to deliver what we believe is the work necessary to transform the country:

– Community Development Center: In order to develop vocations of communities, leaders and families to positively impact the environment in which they live acts in the training of leaders and managers of social organizations district, which have focused on the integral development of children, adolescents and young people, and strengthening family and community ties. In another front of work, the center establishes partnerships with public entities seeking toextend the working model and influence social welfare policies. His working method is geared to building relationships of trust, respect for individuality and development of resources and capabilities of individuals, organizations and communities that promote constructive and productive environments, always in the interest of the community.

– Integral Development Center: It aims to promote learning and citizenship practices, encouraging vocations of children and adolescents to exercise conscious of the choices. It is the area of vocation dedicated to the socio-educational work through the implementation and monitoring of updated teaching methods, regularly accompanied by an evaluation system. All activities are devised focusing on the learning necessary for each age, always taking into account that every child, young participant teenager has unique characteristics that impact on their development.

– Guidance Center for Work: Your goal is to strengthen professional vocations and connect them to worthy and compatible job opportunities. In Brazil, seven out of ten companies have trouble finding people trained for the opportunities they offer. The Guidance Centre for Labour has the important challenge of strengthening the professional potential of young people and insert them into decent work opportunities in an initiative in which everyone benefits: the assisted young people achieve their professional training objectives and companies can fill their vacancies with qualified people. The challenge is complemented with the mission to bring the company formation process, promoting an exchange of information to strengthen their social role.

The methodology of Vocation with children, adolescents and families is developed by a team of professional experts and consultants in various subjects, and the result of the work is systematically compiled in free distribution of works. By the time the Vocation has published 8 books.

Finally, the Vocation works the process of identifying and stimulating, since childhood, the characteristics and individual potential, a unique and particular be loaded own abilities and skills, it deserves a chance to fully develop, regardless of its origin and history. We believe that these individuals will generate new knowledge, opportunities and prosperity for future generations, while taking their life projects and modify the Brazilian social dynamics.



To build a just and equitable social dynamics, impacting effectively and positively peoples’ life and their communities through the formulation, implementation and dissemination of methodologies, which children and young people can strengthen their life projects.


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