SITAWI Finance for Good

SITAWI Finance for Good

Develop and Flourish

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Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Economic Empowerment, Environment
7 / 10 Hiring Rating
8 / 10 Sustainability
8 / 10 Diversity on Funding Streams
8 / 10 Innovation Ratio
9 / 10 Transparency & Accountability
8 / 10 Independence from Governments
6 / 10 Independence from Corporations
8 / 10 Impact Measurement
9 / 10 Audit Results
8 / 10 Independence from One Funder

Facts & Data

Official Website http://www.sitawi.net/

Countries of operation Brazil

Countries where legally represented Brazil

Country where headquartered Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Type of organisation nonprofit

Number of employees 25

Year founded 2008

Current CEO Leonardo Nicolas Letelier Pimstein

Leonardo Nicolas Letelier Pimstein

Primary contact and general inquiries contact@sitawi.net | +552122471136

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NGO Name
SITAWI Finance for Good

Mobilize more capital, more types of capital and better use and deployment of capital to transform more lives.


SITAWI means “to develop and flourish” in Swahili.

2005 – Leonardo Letelier, Harvard MBA and consultant at McKinsey for 10 years in different countries, realized he should use his business and finance expertise to help to change social realities in Brazil.

2007 – After two years of preparation and research, Leonardo reimagined Finance as a force for good and started operations for what would become SITAWI, which would be founded the following year.

2008 – Foundation of SITAWI and structuring of the Social & Environmental Loan

2009 – First Social &Environmental Loans for Solidarium, Caspiedade and Davida.

2010 – Invitation to take part in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) and certification as OSCIP.

2011 – Awarding of the beyondBanking prize from the Inter-American Development Bank

2012 – Article published in Stanford Social Innovation Review and creation of a new product: Filantrophic Funds Management for Families and Companies: first client USAID +Unidos.

2013 – Expansion of focus to the Finance for Good, including a Sustainable Finances program. Resumption of Business & Impact activities.

2014 – Nomination of the joint Executive Directorship for the Social Finance Taskforce. Ecomudanca/Itaú Fund follows SITAWI’s lead by incorporating loans in its social investment strategy.

2015 – Leadership on Green Bonds and Social Impact Bonds in Brazil.

2016 – ABCR Award for Most Transparent Organization and A+ Seal in Transparency and Management from Instituto Doar.

2015 operational budget: R$1,509,776.00 (~US$386,646.00)
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


contact@sitawi.net | +552122471136
301/301, Voluntários da Pátria, 22270-003, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Marianna Abreu | Fundraising Assistant mabreu@sitawi.net
Leonardo Letelier | CEO lletelier@sitawi.net
Luiza Coimbra | Communications Analyst lcoimbra@sitawi.net
Renata Linhares | Fundraising Coordinator rlinhares@sitawi.net
100% M | 0% F
48% M | 52% F
Association certified as Civil Society Organization in the Public Interest (OSCIP)
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R$1,509,776.00 (~US$386,646.00)
R$450,446.00 (~US$115,357.00)

Jucieli Stoinski, BDO Brazil, Rua Buenos Aires, 48 - 4ºandar, 20.070–022 Rio de janeiro, RJ, Brasil, Tel: (55 21) 2210.5166

Brazil (companies paying tax on the ‘lucro real’ model)
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