Life and work, a single value

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Rede Cidadã is part of a new generation of Brazilian NGOs that have scrapped traditional approaches to nonprofits in favor of creating original and efficient ways to change lives. Founded in 2002 in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, Rede Cidadã has perhaps unknowingly created a model that could be replicated around the world. Contrary to many classic NGO models that were developed in disadvantaged rural settings, away from the political bustle of the city, Rede Cidadã designed its model – a truly social network – for the complex and multicultural urban areas of Brazil that it was founded in. Meaning “Citizens’ Network,” Rede Cidadã seeks to imbue work and the labor market with the values of citizenship and autonomy. While Rede Cidadã works primarily on generating employment for low-income people, they do not just create “jobs” or “employees.” Instead, they fuse technical, professional, social, and personal development into a single program. For this NGO, work must allow people to be true citizens, to be protagonists of their own life stories. The Rede Cidadã network gives these citizens the tools and the liberty to change their lives, develop as human beings, and adapt their dreams to the constraints of the labor market. The network encourages people at all levels of society to plug in to social change through work. Rede Cidadã has helped over 55,000 people find meaningful employment, one citizen at a time.


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Rede Cidadã
Life and work, a single value
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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais | Brazil
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Rua Alvarenga Peixoto, 295, 5° andar, bairro Lourdes, Belo Horizonte - MG, Brazil, CEP 30180-120
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Rua Alvarenga Peixoto, 295, 5º andar
Lourdes CEP: 30.180-120
Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brasil
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Luza Marinho
+55 (31) 99183-7329
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
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Luza Marinho
+55 (31) 3290-8000
Communications & Marketing Coordinator
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Rede Cidadã was established in 2002 to help develop a real social network that integrates complementary actions, generate synergy among three sectors of the economy, and integrate volunteer work. The goal of the organization was always to create and generate employment and income solutions for people at the base of the pyramid, and since its founding, Rede Cidadã has supported more than 89,000 people into the labor market.

The organization stands out by investing not only in technical training for those who participate in their courses. We understand that, as important as the benefits of the training, it is crucial also to support the dreams of these people and their emotional foundation. For us, life and work are of one value, and should go together to promote professional and personal development of human beings.

The organization offers different paths that promote social inclusion, wich have a common goal: to promote the human and professional formation of different publics aiming at the integration between life and work.

In 2015, after reaching the milestone of 50 thousand people inserted in the job market, Rede Cidadã identified the two main challenges reserved for the future:

1 – Increase the employee’s time spent at work;

2 – Increase awareness of the integration between life and work as a single value.

To achieve this goal, Rede Cidadã has incorporated softskills into its training track, developing behavioral skills. The organization began to work to develop competencies and skills that enable different audiences to increase their employability. Our trainings go beyond technical skill: we develop in our audiences a better emotional coefficient, higher productivity and quality relationship. This new learning trail contributed to reduce the turnover rate in companies and respond to one of the challenges of corporate HR, responding to the following sentence:

“You hire for technical skills, but you quit for behavioral skills”.

Current projects and programs:

  • Apprenticeship Program – It serves young people from the age of 16 and prepares participants to make an appropriate transition from the school to the working world.
  • Inclusive Network Project – Aims to provide opportunities, train and direct people with disabilities (PwD) and rehabilitated to the labor market.
  • Internship Program – A successful career starts by integrating emotional intelligence and technical skills. Therefore, Rede Cidadã launches an internship program that contemplates the development of emotional intelligence so that the trainee learns to deal with competences and skills of managing emotions and defining career with purpose.
  • Legal – This project started in 2016, in a partnership between Rede Cidadã and the company J.Macêdo with subsidy from the National Development Bank, as a project of social responsibility, citizenship and social inclusion.
  • Senior Network – This project aims to promote the integration of people aged 60 years or older into the labor market, with the objective of building a new life plan that allows greater attention to physical health, social life and quality of life.
  • CEAPA Project – It was funded by the State Secretariat of Public Security through the collection and destination of the amounts collected through the application of the penalty of monetary benefit arising from criminal transactions. These deposits of monetary penalties to the judiciary were reverted to Rede Cidadã, in 2018, to hold workshops for professional and human development with up to 20 beneficiaries exiting the prison system.
  • Start LATAM – That’s a partnership between Rede Cidadã and Accenture, which started in 2017 and continued until now. The project has already served more than 600 young people in a socially vulnerable situation.
  • Social Exchange Project – In 2017, Rede Cidadã was invited to participate in the International Youth Fundation (IYE) Re-Connecting Youth: Exchanging Global Lessons methodological program, which aims to pursue best practices among social organizations around the world to be multiplied into US and international organizations. Since then, he has been exchanging experiences related to the methodology applied to the development of his projects with the American Youth Empowerment Project – YEP, located in the city of New Orleans.
  • Corporate Inclusion Workshops – Aim to awaken and prepare companies for true social inclusion, sensitizing them about the importance of having an inclusive, empathic and developmental environment, where the contracting company plays a fundamental role in the public’s trajectory in which refers to their integration into the world of work.
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Rede Cidadã was created in 2002 to form a real social network that would integrate complementary actions, generating synergy between three sectors of the economy and integrating volunteer work. The organization's goal has always been to create job and income generation solutions for people at the base of the pyramid and since its foundation, Rede Cidadã has already inserted 98,572 people into the labor market.
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Promote human and social development, for integration into the world of work, uniting companies, civil society and public authorities.

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Luza Marinho
+55 (31) 98406-4812
+55 (31) 3290-8022
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Luza Marinho
+55 (31) 98406-4812
+55 (31) 3290-8022
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Luza Marinho
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+55 (31) 3290-8022
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Luza Marinho
+55 (31) 98406-4812
+55 (31) 3290-8022

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Fernando Almeida Alves
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Executive Director of Rede Cidadã, graduated in Social Sciences and post-graduated in People Management both from UFJF. He was HR Director, Secretary of Administration and Secretary of Citizenship Rights at PBH, under Mayor Célio de Castro. He is one of the founders of Rede Cidadã, a social organization that develops programs and projects for professional learning and employability for young people, adults and seniors. He led the social inclusion of more than 89 thousand people in the labor market.
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Founder of Rede Cidadã and CEO from the begining.
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Angela de Alvarenga Batista Barros
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2 new hires in October 2020
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4 in 2020
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2.704 (acumulated results).
Local Staff/Field vs Total Staff (%)
Arcos 0,4% - Barão de Cocais 0,4% - Belo Horizonte 19% - Brumadinho 0,8% - Campinas 0,8% - Congonhas 0,8% - Contagem 3,8% - Curvelo 0,8% - Diamantina 0,4% - Fortaleza 3% - Governador Valadares 1,5% - Guaxupé 0,8% - Ipatinga 0,8% - Itabira 0,8% - Itabirito 0,4% - Itatiba 0,8% - João Monlevade 0,8% - Juiz de Fora 3,4% - Lagoa da Prata 0,8% - Montes Claros 1,1% - Nova Serrana 0,8% - Oliveira 0,4% - Ouro Preto 0,8% Pará de Minas 1,1% - Passos 0,8% - Patos de Minas 0,4% - Patrocínio 0,8% - Pedro Leopoldo 0,4% - Pompeu 0,8% - Ponte Nova 0,8% - Porto Alegre 4,6% - Raposos 0,4% - Recife 2,3% - Rio de Janeiro 1,5% - Salvador 0,9% - São Paulo 15,2% - São Sebastião do Paraíso 0,4% - Sete Lagoas 0,4% - Uberaba 0,4% - Uberlândia 2,7% - Unaí 0,4% - Headquarters (in Belo Horizonte) 23,2%
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38% in 2019

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05.461.315/0001-50 (this register is named CNPJ in Brazil).
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USD 10,143,868
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USD 57,833,794
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USD 9,514,852
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USD 6,530,840
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Contact: Marco Aurélio Cunha de Almeida
Address: Rua Rio de Janeiro, 927, 7º andar, Centro, Belo Horizonte, MG CEP - 30.160-914
Phone: +55 31 3115-1400