Changing the face of men's health

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Movember is probably one of the most successful nonprofits in the rankings regarding focus, dedication, and engagement. Movember blends two ideas: members create the movement where many can belong, members are the ones creating thousands of opportunities to meet others. Both terms are combined to deliver the trust and spin in November when members get their moustache on. Where you find fun and trust, you get awareness and support. Movember has been so good at handling this combination, at developing its unique mix of marketing and communications – it has nothing to envy to any corporation able to claim such a big brand – that people tend to forget how serious Movember is about investing in scientific researching and societal changes. In that sense, Movember is somehow “trop modeste.” Science and society have in common that they need time to record changes and what strikes us about Movember is that it is up to the timing challenge. Steady and human, joyful and pragmatic, Movember is a poster boy in the nonprofit world. Are you ready to grow a Mo, to save a Bro?

8 / 10 Hiring Rating
9 / 10 Sustainability
8 / 10 Diversity on Funding Streams
8 / 10 Innovation Ratio
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Changing the face of men's health
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foundation, nonprofit,
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Melbourne | Australia
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PO BOX 60 East Melbourne Victoria 8002 | Australia
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Laavanya Nagendran
+61 (0) 497 009 906
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Lisa Potter
+1 310 402 6406
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Our history section can be accessed on our website:

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The Movember Foundation raises funds directly from the public in 20 countries via an annual fundraising campaign. Leading up to, and during the campaign, we raise funds via Corporate Partnerships. As well as providing a direct revenue source, our corporate partners are a key part of enabling community and workforce engagement. While the annual campaign is our main source of income, we also raised funds via a variety of other fundraising efforts throughout the year. These include fundraising via marathon’s, sporting partnerships and the like.

We invest our retained funds raised in accordance with an approved Treasury Policy and this provides an additional source of income. Funds invested are held only until milestone payments associated with our Men’s Health programs become due. The Movember Foundation holds its Men’s Health Partners accountable for outcomes and makes payments only when they meet program requirements and demonstrate that they are achieving the best possible results

Our economic model is also based on one of cost efficiency to ensure that the maximum value possible is invested in Men’s Health Programs. We operate centralised teams for technology, finance, legal and human resource functions. This global cost sharing achieves a significantly lower cost than would be incurred if each these functions were replicated around the world. Our global annual campaign is also utilised jointly as a fundraising opportunity and a platform for sharing health messages. This creates efficiencies in our overall education and awareness program.


Sectors of Activity

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health. Men and women can be the difference this Movember by donating or raising critical funds for men’s health by signing up at, and choosing to Grow, Move or Host. Men start Movember 1st clean-shaven and grow only a moustache for the month, or men and women can commit to get active and take the Move Challenge or can host an event. Participants get friends, family, or colleagues to donate to their efforts to change the face of men’s health.

The Movember community has raised over $850 million AUD and has funded more than 1,200 innovative men’s health projects across 21 countries. This work is helping men live happier, healthier, and longer lives through investing in these critical areas: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. But our work is not done. Be the difference and go to to donate or participate. Together we can stop men dying too young.

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Rosetta Buahin
+44 7833 797 327
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Lisa Potter
+1 310 402 6406

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Owen Sharp
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Adam Garone
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Movember Foundation is a charity registered with the Australian Not for Profits and Charities Commission (our entry on the ACNC register is here: and also has deductible gift recipient status from the Australian Tax Office
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Movember Foundation has charitable entities established in the following countries: US – Movember Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, Canada – Movember Canada, a registered Canadian charity, UK – Movember Europe, a registered UK charity, New Zealand - Movember Foundation New Zealand Registered Charity number CC51320.
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Latest Yearly Income (All Countries and Entities)
AUD $78,804,577
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Our net surplus at 30th April 2017 was AUD $9,036,725.00
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Income for our last completed financial year ending 30 April 2017 was AUD $78,804,577
Latest Net Assets
Net consolidated asset value at 30th April 2017 was AUD $110,396,986.00
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Partner: Manoj Santiago
Darling Park Tower 2
201 Sussex Street
GPO Box 2650
Sydney NSW 1171
T: +61 2 8266 0000 F: +61 2 8266 9999