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We care about all
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Brussels | Belgium
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Avenue de Tervueren 197, 1150 Brussels | Belgium
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Kimse Yok Mu Solidarity and Aid Association (Kimse Yok Mu) started as a TV programme

after the terrible earthquake in Turkey in 1999. It was established as humanitarian and

development NGO on 03 January 2002 and gained Public Interest Association Status  with

the Cabinet Decree no. 2006-9982 dated 19 January 2006. Kimse Yok Mu was awarded the

Turkish Grand National Assembly outstanding service Award in 2008. Kimse Yok Mu

reaffirmed its credibility when it was granted  United Nations ECOSOC Special Consultancy

Status on 20 July 2010.

Since its foundation, Kimse Yok Mu is committed to providing aid to people in need at their

most dire moments and aims to leave a lasting impact on their lives. It opened tens of

branches in Turkey and several representative offices around the world. Besides being a

solution partner of UN, Kimse Yok Mu holds UN ECOSOC and UN Global Compact

memberships. Kimse Yok Mu is a partner of African Union and a voting member of

CIVICUS. It works in coordination with more than 140 partners including UN bodies,

governments, GOs as well as NGOs. . Kimse Yok Mu provides humanitarian and

development aid in the following units; Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Aid, Educational

Programs, Medical Assistance and Sustainable Infrastructure Development.

Currently, Kimse Yok Mu reached more than 113 countries around the globe with its

humanitarian and development activities. It has more than 220.000 volunteers and

approximately 3 million donors.


Sectors of Activity
Health, Education, Capacity building, Refugees - Shelter, Water,

The mission statement of Kimse Yok Mu is to prevent the suffering of human beings and achieve lasting change in their lives.

To contribute to a more peaceful world by implementing development projects that offer alternatives to conflict participation and societal divisions

To promote an all-inclusive development approach by engaging the international community equally with the local populations that are served

To implement projects that have a lasting impact on the educational and economic advancement of the most vulnerable groups; inclusive of women and children

To provide access to clean water and quality healthcare treatment

To assist with the development of utilizing agricultural lands for food production and increase the capacity at local and national levels to effectively deploy natural resources

To efficiently assist people impacted by natural disasters and conflict




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