Jordan River Foundation

A Jordan for safer children, equal opportunities & sustainable growth.


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Jordan River Foundation
A Jordan for safer children, equal opportunities & sustainable growth.
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Amman, Jordan
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Street Masoud Bin Saed, P.O. Box 2943 , Amman 11181, Jordan
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Jordan River Foundation , , 0096265932211

In its early years, the Jordan River Foundation initiated socio-economic projects for women; it strove to provide employment opportunities that enhanced their livelihood, while developing their knowledge and skills in handicrafts production and entrepreneurship. These projects benefited thousands of individuals, directly and indirectly, and continue to generate income for vulnerable communities and families.

As JRF matured, and the context of development evolved in Jordan, it expanded its approach to one of sustainable community investments, integrating and serving community development needs as well as promoting an engaged civil society contributing to their community development. The Foundation dedicates its resources to awareness, education and capacity building, through its Jordan River Community Empowerment Program and Jordan River Child Safety Program, and focuses on the inclusion of all sectors of society, specifically women and youth, in its interventions to cultivate a thriving and participatory civil society.

The Jordan River Foundation has been partnering with local government agencies, the private sector, local and international organizations in implementing social and economic development initiatives. Such partnerships have proven to be successful in the exchange of experiences and funding acquisition, and JRF will continue to cultivate such partnerships for the effective and comprehensive provision of its initiatives.

Although it has achieved much over the past 20 years, the road ahead is a vast arena of potential opportunities for JRF to continue its interventions, working hand-in-hand with the government in facilitating the implementation of its national initiatives, and all other stakeholders that contribute to sustainable development initiatives in Jordan.

Today, the Foundation is recognized nationally, regionally and internationally as an agent for positive change and as a leading Jordanian organization contributing to the social and economic well-being of citizens. Our activities have become models for emulation receiving accolades by our beneficiaries who are often organized as success stories.  



To engage Jordanians to realize their full economic potential and overcome social challenges especially child abuse.

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