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INTISAR FOUNDATION is ranked 157 in TOP 200 World by NGO Advisor

NGO Advisor’s Opinion

Intisar Foundation has made an incredible entrance to the Ivy League. A newborn star within the 2021 Top 200 list, joining the few organizations making the final cut for the first time.

Being a fledgling organization, it is still learning to properly spread its wings. While its beneficiaries are, as yet, not large in number, it has the potential to rapidly turn into much more than a poster child. Starting from within the Arab world, women fully occupy the heart of this fresh endeavor whose primary focus is on traumatized women joining a self-empowerment movement. This community-based intervention nurtures healing and empowerment within some of the most marginalized communities in the Arab-speaking world.

For many of these women, joining is no small challenge, and allowing the healing from within, another. Learning these critical steps endorses the role of peacemakers, making all of the journey an incredible experience. Intisar is delivering such an exciting message to the world.

Intisar foundation envisions women as fundamental drivers of social change. By adapting drama therapy commonly used to heal soldiers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder to victims of war and gender-based violence, Intisar is breaking taboo’s and entering untested waters. That groundbreaking innovative approach is being recognized by NGO Advisor and certainly explains why this organization, founded in 2018 is part of the list. That in itself is a phenomenal achievement. It is also worth mentioning that at the origin of the project there are women, and one in particular to whom many should pay tribute, Intisar’s founder, HH Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah, who has committed herself to advance the mental resilience of Arab women affected by war and violence. Her vision is that starting within the Arab world, women, when given a chance, can become effective peacebuilders and peacemakers in any society.


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Intisar Foundation
First & Only Organization Working On Self-Empowering Women In War Through Drama Therapy
#1MillionArabWomen For Peace
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Beirut, Hamra, Spears, Antwork, Lebanon
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Beirut, Hamra, Spears, Antwork, Lebanon
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Ms. Karima Anbar
CEO of Intisar Foundation

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Ms. Karima Anbar
CEO of Intisar Foundation
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How are we the first and only organization self- empowering Arab women in the Arab world to become agent of Peace?

The Intisar Foundation’s mission – psychologically healing Arab women suffering from traumatic experiences through the use of drama therapy – is directly linked to our vision of fostering Peace in the Arab world. We are firm believers that self-empowering traumatised Arab women can transform them into the Arab world’s most impactful Peacemakers through a bottom-up peacebuilding and self-empowerment process.

As mothers, educators, and caregivers in the Arab world, women are a fundamental part of social change. Psychological support for women is a greatly overlooked area in the humanitarian sector and we are working towards closing this gap by providing non-stigmatizing, gentle and effective therapies using Drama Therapy.

Intisar Foundation aims to serve as a hub for actionable knowledge to catalyse the empowerment of Arab women by (1) providing psychological support programmes of drama therapy to Arab women impacted by trauma of war and gender based violence, (2) conducting rigorous in-house research on the impact of its work in order to offset the significant dearth of research in the field of drama therapy and psychology in the Arab world and (3) supporting the education of new female Arab drama therapists.

Each of these strategic goals is directed towards achieving the foundation’s One Million Arab Women initiative, a 30-year plan to alleviate psychological trauma in one million Arab women affected by the brutality of war and gender based violence through the use of drama therapy.



The work of Intisar Foundation is intrinsic to the success of any sustainable Peacebuilding effort in the Arab world because our mission is to ensure psychological recovery and psychosocial progress of Arab women traumatised by war and violence. A testament to that is our #OneMillionArabWomen initiative, a 30-year-plan to alleviate war and violence trauma in one million Arab women through the use of drama therapy. In support of our main purpose, we also also encourage excellence in the drama therapy education and research and development fields in the Arab world and beyond.

Intisar Foundation amplifies its work by framing it around three strategic initiatives:
– Field work

– Research

– Education in drama therapy

Field work

The Intisar Foundation’s approach to providing psychological support to Arab women suffering from the trauma of war and violence is considered innovative because:

  1. It utilizes drama therapy as the only psychological intervention that addresses body, emotions, and the mind (the neuroscience-based approach)
  2. It utilizes drama therapy as the most effective psychological intervention that successfully circumvents mental health stigma due to employing various activities (from dance to storytelling) which (i) enable women to avoid self-stigmatization and allow themselves to overcome their individual traumas at their own pace through, and (ii) prevent any potential social stigmatization hampering the women’s psychological progress by being perceived as ‘a creative arts group session’ and not ‘a psychological therapy session’
  3. It is delivered by Arab drama therapists, in Arabic, and within the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan or through online sessions open to all Arabic-speaking women
  4. Is done in a group setting (20 women) over 12-16 weekly sessions and monthly sessions for a prolonged year, which creates a support group and instills a sense of belonging to one another in a larger community. In being inclusive of all nationalities, including both refugee women and women from the host communities, the Intisar Foundation sessions have proved to be one of the few settings where Palestinian, Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese women work together in a cultural setting

OUR IMPACT IN NUMBERS: 2018 – present

Reached 250+ women affected by war and violence trauma

Reached 1,200+ indirect beneficiaries

Completed 2,300+ hours of field work

Geographical reach potential:

Current field work – 2 countries (Lebanon and Jordan)
Future field work – 20 other countries of the Arab world

Global reach potential:
Online reach to the Arabic-speaking population of 400+ million native and non-native speakers.


We insist that our philanthropic capital must be used effectively and for maximum impact in order to bring about systemic sustainable change for Arab women.

For that reason, Intisar Foundation’s work is meticulously documented, researched, and analysed in order to ensure that the foundation continues (i) delivering measurable and evidence-based results, and (ii) to help offset the significant dearth of research in the field of drama therapy and mental health in the Arab world.

Intisar Foundation’s first qualitative research paper published in David Journal ( ) has shown that the Intisar Foundation approach leads to significant results:

  • 78% of our participants experienced increased self-esteem, ranging between 14% and 33% improvements in self-reported scores
  • 75% of our participants experienced a reduction in PTSD, ranging between 8% to 25% reduction in self-reported scores
  • 75% of our participants experienced a reduction in depression, ranging between 13% to 37% reduction in self-reported scores
  • 75% of our participants experienced a reduction in anxiety, ranging between 11% and 48% reduction in self-reported scores
  • 75% of our participants experienced an improvement in satisfaction with life, ranging between 9% and 18% improvements in self-reported scores
  • 75% of our participants experienced increased positive emotional experiences and decreased negative emotional experiences

Furthermore, Intisar Foundation’s work has shown evidence of changing deeply entrenched cultural narratives, such as Arab women ending the practice of child marriages due to a newly-adopted belief that they can protect their daughters by encouraging them to gain education that will lead to their future economic empowerment and advancement. The foundation’s team also reports the cases of female victims of domestic violence standing up to their abusers. Plus, another outcome of drama therapy reducing PTSD symptoms associated with aggression and low-impulse control is the reduction of household violence either directly from the mother or indirectly through the reduction of tensions within the household and facilitating better emotional growth and communication within the family.

In addition, Intisar Foundation published the Research Booklet “Can Drama Therapy Evoke Neuroplastic Change In The Brain?” to raise awareness on the benefits of this psychological approach for alleviating war and violence trauma. ( )

Our team of drama therapists and mental health experts will continue to work on a number of research projects that explore the qualitative and quantitative impact of drama therapy on vulnerable populations. This work is expected significantly to contribute to the field of mental health and psychosocial support in the Arab world and beyond.

We ensure that our work meets the highest quality standards due to being supervised by the Intisar Foundation’s Technical Committee compromising of the world-renowned experts in drama therapy.

Education in drama therapy

Intisar Foundation’s educational arm is aimed at nurturing the talent of future Arab drama therapists in order to secure the required number of qualified experts who would continue on delivering the foundation’s programmes in Arabic and help it achieve its One Million Arab Women initiative.

In September 2020, the foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), a private university in Mount Lebanon, to support the enrollment of 15 female Arab students into USEK’s master’s curriculum in drama therapy in Arabic language.



Intisar Foundation relies on the values of integrity, innovation, and inclusiveness.


Intisar Foundation is committed to the highest level of ethical and social standards. As a UK-based charitable organisation, we ensure that our programmes are meticulously designed with the wellbeing of our beneficiaries and our staff at the forefront. We work with world-renowned experts in the fields of psychology and drama therapy to ensure that our interventions comply with the ethical guidelines of psychological care through the use of consent forms, identity protection, and guaranteeing dignity for the women we work with. Our programmes, research activities, and publications fully adhere to standards made to respect the anonymity of our beneficiaries.


We have developed a culturally sensitive and effective psychological approach while maintaining the core principles of drama therapy, which is well known and often used in Western countries but, until now, it has not been developed for adequate implementation in the Arab world.


Intisar foundation is committed to providing its support to women from all backgrounds and walks of life. Our programmes are open to any woman, regardless of nationality or background, who might benefit from our programmes.


Country (or countries) where active
Lebanon, Jordan, and in the Arab world
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Alliances, Networks, and Affiliations
  • Embrace, EMDR Partner
  • USEK, Education Partner
  • Utopia Lebanon, Field Partner
  • Basmeh & Zeitooneh, Field Partner
  • Ruwwad, Field Partner
  • NISCVT, Field Partner
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Rebecca Antonios
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Rebecca Antonios
+961 76 087 414
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Sara Sakhi
+961 81 895 153
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Karima Anbar
+33 7 81 44 96 99

Human Resources

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Karima Anbar
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Karima Anbar Anbar has emerged as a remarkably strong advocate of women’s self-empowerment and a progressive leader in spearheading cultural and social reforms across the Arab world, with specialist expertise in human rights, women’s advancement, political analysis, and civil societies in Arab countries. Karima Anbar started her career at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of the Government of France, for eight years serving as a diplomat in French missions across different Arab countries. Her extensive experience of closely working with high profile individuals, governmental and international organisations, businesses, and academia has enabled her to develop traits of responsible leadership, strong work ethic, and immense resourcefulness needed to tackle entrenched social issues which do not have straightforward answers and controllable outcomes. For that reason, Karima Anbar has proved instrumental in all key aspects of shaping HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah’s vision to bring Peace to the Arab world by psychologically healing and empowering Arab women - from it being just an idea in 2017, to officially registering Intisar Foundation as a humanitarian organisation with the Charity Commission for the England and Wales in 2019, to growing it into a hub for actionable knowledge for catalysing the empowerment of Arab women. Karima Anbar is fluent in French, English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.
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USD 333,200
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Ricky Downey
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