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Creating professional opportunities for Youths


Instituto da Oportunidade Social
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IOS - Instituto da Oportunidade Social
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Instituto da Oportunidade Social
Creating professional opportunities for Youths
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São Paulo | Brazil
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245, Av. General Ataliba Leonel
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
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245, Av. General Ataliba Leonel
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
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Kelly Lopes
Tel: +55 11 97227-2440
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Salomão Lima
Institutional Relations Coordinator
Tel: +55 11 97227-2440
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The Instituto da Oportunidade Social (Institute of Social Opportunity) is a non-profit organization certified by CEBAS (the highest national non-profit certification in Brazil). Founded in 1998 by a volunteer initiative, the Institute aims to carry digital education to people in social vulnerability in order to insert them in the job market.
Since then, IOS has graduated over 40.000 Brazilian youths and people with disabilities in free management and IT courses, developing their hard and soft skills for the job world, being assisted by a psychossocial team to optmize their experience during the course and helping them face the challenges from their realities.

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The Institute is a non-profit organization maintained through donations from companies, individuals and governmental funds, looking towards the diversification and sustainability of funding sources.

IOS is annually audited by PwC since 2013 without reservations, and reports its annual accountability in its GRI Annual Report, prioritizing its transparency.

Furthermore, the Institute maintains strategic partnerships that not only support our educational projects and the back-office team, but also provide subsistence allowance to all of our students with meal vouchers, free internet cards, and transport tickets for those who can not pay for the transportation to get to the Institute.



Our mission is to seek, support and monitor the employability of youths (between 15 and 29 years old) and people with disabilities (over 16 years old) who have completed or are curently in the High School and are in social vulnerability situation, prioritizing the diversity.

We are a social transformation agent grounded in: Integrity, ethic, respect, dedication, search for knowledge and teamwork spirit.


We aim for excellence in professional training, promoting job opportunities for youths and people with disabilities, transforming them into changemakers for their lives and communities.

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Alliances, Networks, and Affiliations

The Institute has strategic partnership with global and national networks related to our activity:

BRASSCOM (Brazilian Association of Technology Companies);
GOYN (Global Opportunity for Youths Network);
1 MiO (UNICEF Initiative);
The Silicon Valley Foundation;
And is a signatory-member of the UN Global Compact since 2015.

The Institute has also partnership with several social organizations which provide their structure to the execution of the classes:

ADRA Brasil;
Anhanguera Educacional Unidade Braz Leme;
Obra Social Dom Bosco;
Obra Social São Francisco Xavier;
Pão dos Pobres;
Sociedade Santos Mártires;

Faculdade Censupeg;



Finally, the Institute also maintains dialogue with public departments in the national, state and local spheres, such as:

Brazilian Ministry of Citizenship;
Brazilian Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights;
CONANDA – National Council for the Rights of the Child and Adolescent;
São Paulo State Administration;
São Paulo Education Secretary;
São Paulo Human Rights and Citizenship Secretary;
São Paulo Social Development Secretary;

COMAS-SP(Sao Paulo Social Assistance Municipal Council);

CONDECA (Children and Adolescent Rights State Council);

CMDCA (Children and Adolescent Rights Municipal Council);

FUMCAD (Children and Adolescent Municipal Fund);

Joinville City Hall

Contact Information for Press Inquiries
Mariana Leite
+55 11 2503 2617
Contact Information for Fundraising Inquiries
Salomão Cunha Lima
+55 11 2503 2617
Contact Information for Development and Partnership Inquiries
Salomão Cunha Lima
+55 11 2503 2617
Contact Information for Inquiries from Private Sector
Salomão Cunha Lima
+55 11 2503 2617

Human Resources

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Izabel Cristina Branco
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Experienced Chief Human Resources Officer Executive with a demonstrated history of transformational projects in several industries, such as Retail, Financial Services and Insurance. Strong business development professional skilled in Business Management Model, Marketing Management, Business Planning and Client Centricity. Cultural integration and conduction of cultural change processes. International Experience, having lived in Spain and traveled abroad several times.
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Sergio Pauperio Serio Filho
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48% Local Staffs | 52% Field Staffs
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IOS is a Non-Profit Organization certified by CEBAS as a Social Assistant Beneficent Entity
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US$ 1,928,412
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US$ 209,693
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US$ 1,850,939
Latest Net Assets
US$ 589,027
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Avenida Francisco Matarazzo 1400
Torre Torino
São Paulo 05001-903
Tel: +55 (11) 3674 2000