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Instituto da Criança
Inspiring solidarity
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Brazil
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Rua Faro, 80, Annexe, 2nd Floor
Jardim Botanico
Rio de Janeiro/RJ
ZIP CODE: 22461-020
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Rua Faro, 80, Annexe, 2nd Floor
Jardim Botanico
Rio de Janeiro/RJ
ZIP CODE: 22461-020
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Raquel Fernandes
cel: +55 (21) 995933483
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Raquel Fernandes
cel: +55 (21) 995933483
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The history of the Instituto da Criança (IC) begins in 1994, when the Werneck brothers helped a family with many children. After that, the Werneck brothers officially became involved in the social sphere. From then on, there was no turning back. They were so enthusiastic about their ability to articulate social actions for the transformation of lives that they started a second movement: to support Fernanda Avila, a woman who had an institution that took care of 33 children with physical disabilities and no family ties, which were the responsibility of the State, and because of the lack of financial support could not do a quality job. The scenario was extremely disturbing with these children in small cribs, some with their hands tied to prevent self-mutilation.
After successful missions, the Werneck brothers decided to create, in 1998, together with 48 other friends, the Instituto da Criança (IC).
Over time, the IC continued its role of articulating different social actors, and realized that to impact the lives of children, they had to involve their families, and started the Projeto Espaço Cidadão (Citizen Space Project), providing content on citizenship, rights, and responsibilities to these families. As time went by, IC saw how many social entrepreneurs were emerging, and realized that – as they had done before – there was no need to focus only on new projects, but to give light to these social projects and to the entrepreneurs’ ongoing initiatives. From children, to families, to social entrepreneurs, the IC grew to become a reference in social initiatives in Rio de Janeiro, as well as partnerships in São Paulo and other regions.
After 20 years immersing itself in social projects and articulating a diverse range of entrepreneurs, the IC published its commemorative book, telling its story. During the book’s development process, the IC’s mission became clearer than ever, as it realized that its true purpose was (and is) to articulate social initiatives and inspire solidarity to transform lives.
The IC developed its own fundraising and project management methodologies for companies to make social investments and social responsibility and sustainability programs.
In 2022, the IC will complete 28 years of existence, with more than 100 projects and initiatives and thousands of people directly impacted, and this is just the beginning of what is to come!

Please Briefly Describe Your Economic Model.
IC's economic model is based on:  

REVENUE STRATEGY: IC works with a diversified and innovative fundraising strategy, ensuring its financial sustainability without government support. Means of funding include:  

- Corporate dues campaign: monthly membership donation, where companies contribute a pre-agreed amount to IC every month and become co-responsible for its social results;
- Direct private social investments from companies: for the implementation of social projects, volunteer programs, and advice on corporate social responsibility;
- Micro-donation campaigns from Companies, Restaurants, Hotels and Individuals: small financial donations from clients of establishments and companies that can be made through restaurant or hotel bills, people who choose to exchange birthday gifts for financial donations; Ex. In Rio de Janeiro, when you order a pizza from a partner restaurant, R$2 of the bill goes to the IC;
- Constant online donations from individuals;
- Investment as a fundraiser for companies that donate part of their tax, investing in social projects.

INVESTMENT AND COSTS: our financial resources are applied as follows 

- Development of social programs and projects;
- Sponsorship of social projects of partner social institutions;
- Salaries, benefits, and labor charges of employees; 
- Administrative costs.




Instituto da Criança (IC) is a solution to
promote human development . Therefore , by means of
private social investment and project management , the
organization inspires the pratice of solidarity

The organization operates in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.



solidarity to transform lives.


Be a social
solutions manager.


Be a
reference in reducing social


Believe in the
improbable , in the
power of gratitude , in union
among people and act with


The institution functions as a bridge between individuals and legal entities that have the conditions and willingness to invest in the social sphere, but do not know how to make this investment reach those who really need it. By connecting these two groups, IC implement social projects and works as an active consultant, advising people and companies to channel financial, human, material and technical resources. The objective is to stimulate social development and inclusion, transforming and improving people´s lives.


The IC currently focuses on four main lines of work: social projects (developed and sponsored by IC), corporate advising in social responsibility, social management intelligence and campaigns.


  • Developed Projects:

IC designs educational and community development projects. Throughout the process of planning, implementing, evaluating and managing social projects that seek to promote people we reinforce our commitment to build a better future.

  • Sponsored Social Projects: 

IC selects social initiatives aimed at the care of children, adolescents and adults in situations of social vulnerability in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.



For the IC, social responsibility is an awareness that individuals and entities have the duty to contribute and act in the best interests of their environments and society as a whole. With this concept as a core part of the institution, IC created an entire area called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Main products include: development of social and environmental projects, community assessments, strategies for social investment, creation of an area of social responsibility, volunteer programs and engagement.  Currently, 57 companies have been advised with 53 thousand people directly impacted.



The IC supports and promotes social entrepreneurs and institutions in Brazil. Currently IC has a network of over 600 mapped social institutions in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba. In order to stimulate the growth of these institutions IC has developed a unique multidisciplinary integrated program to address the main challenges they face: efficient management and tangible social impacts. The program is called “GIS” – Gestão de Inteligência Social | Social Management Intelligence – with the main objective of improving the management and governance skills of social institutions by providing the necessary tools, support, assessments and guidelines they need in order to achieve their goals.



IC focuses on two types of campaigns: seasonal campaigns and institutional campaigns.

  • Seasonal Campaigns:

IC organizes every year seasonal campaigns such as – Children’s day, Christmas and Easter - aiming to raise material to donate for the network of its mapped social institutions. Yearly, the IC collects thousands of items yearly for donation.

  • Institutional Campaigns:

The Institutional Relations area of IC works on articulating partnerships with restaurants, hotels and companies that, as they become a partner, a small part of their financial income (through bills) goes to IC.

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Companies that participate on IC’s campaigns (micro donation):

  • Guimas
  • Gurumê
  • La Trattoria
  • Aconchego Carioca
  • Giuseppe
  • Bistrot Formidable
  • Azur
  • Irajá
  • Artagão
  • Laguiole
  • Majórica
  • Mayorca
  • Quadrifoglio
  • Malta
  • Esplanada Grill
  • Sushimar Gávea
  • Locanda della Mimosa
  • Xian Rio
  • Nola
  • Zuka
  • Janeiro Hotel
  • Brasil Plural
  • Elogroup
  • Enjoy
  • Us
  • Galeria 664
  • Genial Investimento
  • SindRio
  • Circuito Elegante
  • Atelier Schiper
  • Brasilian Top Team
  • AABB-Rio
  • Intituto Marcilio Marinho
  • Welight
  • Degusta Turismo
  • Dimona
  • Garson
  • Academia Puri
  • Soulier
  • Wollner
  • Sorvete Itália
  • BQ Escritórios
  • The Cookie is on the Table
  • Dra Simone Levy
  • Arte Express
  • Dotz
  • Mercatto
  • Polen
  • Presente Consciente
  • QBC
  • Risu
  • Turbilhão de Ideias
  • TRX Comunicação
  • Outer Shoes
  • RevistariaS
  • Gestão XP
  • Pousada Villa Rasa

More than 600 social institutions registered in our network such as:

Pro Bono

Plus volunteers


Contact Information for Press Inquiries
Leandro Nascimento
Communication Coordinator
+55 21 998942792
Contact Information for Fundraising Inquiries
Raquel Fernandes
+55 (21) 995933483
Contact Information for Development and Partnership Inquiries
Raquel Fernandes
+55 (21) 995933483
Contact Information for Inquiries from Private Sector
Raquel Fernandes
+55 (21) 995933483

Human Resources

Full name
Pedro Henrique Monteiro Werneck
Short Biography
Pedro Werneck is a social entrepreneur. For many years he was a businessman and co-director of various companies from sectors such as retail, finance, tourism and education in Rio de Janeiro. In 1994, he started to support, along with his three brothers and friends, social related initiatives. As time went by, Pedro became the President of Instituto da Criança (IC) and leader of a movement of social networks: connecting those that need support and the ones that can provide it. Currently, Pedro conducts the lecture “Giving is a reverse act” to inspire solidarity, having participated in many important events such as TEDx among others.
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Raquel Fernandes
Short Biography
10 years experience in leadership of back office teams and high management advising. Manager of a large social educational project (RJ / SP). Manager of financial, accounting and HR departments. Performance in the Petrobras system for 16 years in areas such as quality management, implementation of the SAP R / 3 system, support in the construction of platforms, pipelines and refineries (RJ / SP / ES). Participation in strategic planning committees, BSC, process mapping. Training and events. Graduated in Management in 2005, MBA in Business Management by FGV in 2008 and Post graduate in Management and Project Management at UFRJ in 2018.
Photo Portrait
Has Held Position Since
Number of Employees
2021: 29
Number of Unpaid Interns
Number of Paid Interns
Number of New Hires
2021: 8
Number of Newly Created Positions
2021: 1
Average Age of Paid Staff
2021: 38
Number of Volunteers
2021: 41
Local Staff/Field vs Total Staff (%)
2021: Local staff: 8,3 % / Field staff: 91,7%
Staff Turnover Rate
2021: 45,23%

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OSCIP - Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Publico - Civil Society's Organization of Public Interest
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- Adapt the list of purposes of the Instituto da Criança to its projects and activities;
- Adapt the bylaws to the Brazil's Regulatory Framework of Society Organizations.

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Latest Yearly Income (All Countries and Entities)
US$ 9,625,647.15
Latest Surplus/Deficit
US$ 67,616.35 (Surplus)
Previous Yearly Income
US$ 2,122,799.31
Latest Net Assets
US$ 389,391.55
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+55 21 2224-7706 / +55 21 2508-6353