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Equal Justice USA
Justice, reimagined.
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EJUSA was founded in 1990 as a project of the multi-issue social justice organization, the Quixote Center. In 2008, recognizing the potential to have a bigger impact and expand our reach, we spun off from our parent organization and launched as an independent organization.

We are best known for 20 years of advocacy on the death penalty, during which we ended the death penalty in six states together with our state partners, organizing around some of the most egregious acts of violence addressed by our justice system. That work exposed us to the extensive trauma experienced across the system and shaped our analysis about the futility of asking a traumatizing justice system to carry out such essential functions as healing and community safety in the aftermath of violence. We worked with survivors who taught us about the unique trauma of losing a loved one to homicide, the extreme lack of services, and the ways that the justice system failed them. We worked with former wardens who carried out executions and taught us about the secondary trauma to corrections officers who are asked to do impossible jobs under the harshest conditions. Most importantly, capital cases uniquely must include a full life history of the defendant, so people on death row provide incredible case studies of the background of those who commit the most heinous crimes. Unsurprisingly, so many of them have a mountain of unimaginable, unaddressed trauma in their pasts.

The common thread of trauma among all of these actors – those inside the system and those impacted by it on both sides – presented a roadmap for future solutions in the justice system. In 2008 we began the process of expanding our vision and programs to make those solutions a reality.



Equal Justice USA (EJUSA) is a national organization working to transform the justice system to one that heals and restores lives. We imagine a justice system that is the solution instead of the problem, and we believe that we won’t get there solely by dismantling the parts of our justice system that are broken. We must also strengthen and scale the elements that work and build the system we want in its place: one that prevents violence, heals trauma, helps people harmed by crime to rebuild their lives, creates genuine accountability instead of mass incarceration, and treats everyone fairly and equitably in the process.

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United States