Strategic partnerships to build network for prosperities

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Evidence-based policy with a human touch

Some of Brazil’s greatest resources lie in its diversity, youth, and appetite for action. CIEDS, or the Center for Integrated Studies and Programs for Sustainable Development, has been channeling the country’s energy into sustainable social justice projects since 1998. Part social enterprise incubator, part community empowerment machine, CIEDS both creates and supports the knowledge, methodologies, and technologies to promote more strategic public policy and social investment. It does so with a precise yet human touch, allocating resources to projects that benefit the most needy regardless of size. CIEDS has become an institution that contributes immensely to improving public policy and ethics throughout Brazil, operating around the country from its Rio de Janeiro headquarters and several local offices. So far it has carried out nearly 500 projects impacting over half a million beneficiaries in 2,500 communities across Brazil.

CIEDS’ innovative model links government authorities to citizens with the support of corporations and partner nonprofits. Day-to-day, the Center creates, organizes, and implements projects and technologies that relate to its four core areas of activity: Education and Citizenship, Inclusion and Welfare, Integrated Development, and Entrepreneurship. The organization lives out one of its most cherished values, cooperation, in its own work, seeking out partnerships of all types and with people from all walks of life. Over the course of its eighteen-year history, CIEDS has accumulated vast public policy and social investment data – and a fleet of committed private, public, and nonprofit partners to help it use this data to improve social investment practices and public policy.

CIEDS’ success is obviously the result of that cooperation, but CIEDS would not thrive if it did not inspire a great sense of respect among participants. The organization trusts that the people and projects it works with have a lot of talent to offer to communities. CIEDS has proven itself one of the most innovative and impactful organizations in Brazil and the world, and certainly one to watch for years to come.


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Strategic partnerships to build network for prosperities
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Rio de Janeiro | Brazil
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Rua Conselheiro Saraiva, 28, Centro. 20091-030. Rio de Janeiro. RJ. Brazil.
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Rua Conselheiro Saraiva, 28, Centro. 20091-030. Rio de Janeiro. RJ. Brazil.
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Vandré Brilhante; CEO;; 55 21 3094 4555
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Fábio Muller Mariano;; 55 21 3094 4555
Male, Executive Director
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CIEDS — the Center for Integrated Studies and Programs for Sustainable Development — is a Brazilian nongovernmental organization founded in 1998 and believes that all groups and communities should have access to tools that leads to personal empowerment and creates a more equal society.

Operating throughout the country, CIEDS headquarters are located in Rio de Janeiro, with local offices in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Ceará.

The organization’s expertise results from the successful implementation of programs in 23 years of operations, with a deep and varied staff and extensive research in the field of sustainable social development and education.

Our scope of work is based on four lines of activity:

Inclusion and Welfare: CIEDS aims to stop inequalities to get into a process of social inclusion. Thus, it paves the way to rights and resources, taking into consideration vulnerability, social exclusion, violence and lack of dignity as inequalities producers.

Entrepreneurship: CIEDS believes an entrepreneur is an agent for change. Therefore, it carries out activities to develop and strengthen the necessary skills for people and organizations be sustainable and create value for society as a whole.

Education: CIEDS works to reduce learning inequalities by improving the school environment, which is based on building a network of partners, on supporting schools democratic management, on principals and teachers’ trainings and the relationship between family and school.

Citizen: CIEDS supports people and institutions to employ knowledge and efforts to promote positive changes in social and political contexts in a solidary, co-responsible and citizen-like manner aiming the common good. Engaging in civic engagement actions help to improve understanding and perception of inequalities and excluded groups and strengthen our sense of commitment to shared agendas.

CIEDS implemented more than 550 projects since its foundation, with more than 2.000.000 direct beneficiaries and more than 3.920 communities assisted.

In 2021 we developed 42 projects in 27 Brazilian states.

Please Briefly Describe Your Economic Model.
Our economic model is based in Brazilian law for nonprofit associations. Partners fund specific projects. All funds are invested in our projects and human development. We do not have profit distribution and our surplus is reinvested in our mission.
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Build networks for the prosperity of people and communities, generating greater confidence in the future.

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Alliances, Networks, and Affiliations

CIEDS has a Special Consultant status in the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is since 2013 a UN Global Compact participant.  It is also part of the Interamerican Development Bank Civil Society Consulting Group (ConSOC) Brazilian branch. 

CIEDS is a civil society representative in the National Council of Social Assistance and it is a member. It’s also affiliated to  important networks. Sport for the Social Change Network – REMS that promotes the use of sport for social development, the Reference Center for Integral Education – CREI that contributes for the development, implementation and enhancement of public policies of integral education and The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs – ANDE, an international network of organizations, that works to promote entrepreneurship in developing countries. CIEDS is part of the youth national council, CONJUVE. 

State affiliations: CIEDS is an active member of the State Council of Solidarity Economy in Rio de Janeiro, which aims at the dissemination and development of activities that strengthen the solidarity economy in the state of Rio de Janeiro. CIEDS also participates in the Network Mental Health Forum, that develops spaces of collective discussion for sharing good practices related to the implementation and management of houses used to promote deinstitutionalization of patients with mental disorders.

City affiliations: CIEDS is registered and advocates on the City Councils of Children and Adolescent’s Rights — CMDCA and City Council of Social Work — CMAS.

Contact Information for Press Inquiries
Marina Rotenberg Saraiva;; 55 81 8369-4632
Female, Communication coordinator
Contact Information for Fundraising Inquiries
Fábio Muller Mariano;; 55 21 3094 4555
Male, CFO
Contact Information for Development and Partnership Inquiries
Fábio Muller Mariano;; 55 21 3094 4555
Male, CFO
Contact Information for Inquiries from Private Sector
Fábio Muller Mariano;; 55 21 3094 4555
Male, CFO

Human Resources

Full name
Vandré Luis Meneses Brilhante
Short Biography
He has been working in the Third Sector for 33 years and in the improvement of Brazilian public policies. Founder and President Director of CIEDS (Integrated Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Programs). Graduated in Economics at the University of Fortaleza, with post-graduation studies in International Economics in the Unites States with complementary trainings and seminars in the field of Organization and Human Development in Germany, Australia, Paraguay, Portugal and Japan. Experience in Local Development, Strategic and Nonprofit Management, with wide experience in social and public projects. He is a counselor in dialogue and social control spaces, such as the Interamerican Development Bank Civil Society Consulting Group (ConSOC) and the National Council of Social Assistance, as well as several other social organizations. Vandre’s daily and future motivation comes from the constant seeking of promoting better social technologies and team building to target the main social issues of Brazil and Latin America.
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Preceded by
Maria Tereza Rosenda Fonseca Pontes
Full name
Fabio Antonio Muller Mariano
Short Biography
Doctor in Political Science and International Relations, Master in Management Systems and Specialization in Organizations and Strategies and a degree in Business Administration and Public Administration. CIEDS Executive Director, responsible for programs, projects and research in Regional and Sustainable Development. Large experience in Management, with emphasis in Quality, Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Monitoring and Evaluation of Social and Public Programs.
Photo Portrait
Fábio Müller
Has Held Position Since
Preceded by
Vandré Luis Meneses Brilhante
Number of Employees
Number of Unpaid Interns
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Number of New Hires
In 2020 CIEDS hired 415 new employees.
Number of Newly Created Positions
60 new positions.
Average Age of Paid Staff
Number of Volunteers
In 2019 CIEDS created a volunteer committee with our employees to encourage voluntary participation in actions promoted for the common good. Considering the pandemic scenario in 2020, we had a total of 50 employees engaged.
Local Staff/Field vs Total Staff (%)
89,76% of the staff is field located.
Staff Turnover Rate
Due to the increase in staff with the implementation of new projects, the turnover rate from january to october of 2020 was 2,74%.

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In Brazil we are registered as a association
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USD 16.335.227
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(USD 105.034)
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USD 18.311.387
Latest Net Assets
USD 699.590
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Audiva Auditores Independentes. Rua Visconde de Pirajá, nº 339 - 4º andar. ZIP CODE: 22.410-003. Rio de Janeiro/RJ. Phone: +55 (21) 2523-0771;