Financial empowerment for children and youth worldwide

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Launched in 2012 by Jeroo Billimoria, the founder of Aflatoun and Child Helpline International, Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) is proof that small NGOs can change the world by following their conviction, ideas, expertise, and genius. The word “genius” may sound a bit extreme, but it is a difficult word to avoid when looking at how much CYFI has accomplished in its short history. Through using its innovative collaborative systems change model, it has succeeded in creating and nurturing a worldwide movement to provide children and youth with financial education and economic citizenship. It took on the role of ‘honest broker’, advocating for the issue with governments and policymakers, disseminating expertise from within the movement, co-creating innovative programs which can scale, and convening all the different players to synchronize their efforts. This way of working has allowed it to stay small, and reach high impact at low cost.

Only someone with true nonprofit genius could pull this off.

Now, having played the part of catalyst in what has now become a blazing fire for economic citizenship for young people, CYFI has taken a step back and acknowledged that its role has been completed – a bold and unconventional thing for an NGO to declare. Thus, in 2018, CYFI has decided do what it does best – collaborative systems change – and apply it to the topic of youth entrepreneurship. Watch this space, because if the past seven years have taught us anything at all, it’s that CYFI has the know-how, login, and password to make global, impactful change in a short amount of time.

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Financial empowerment for children and youth worldwide
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Amsterdam | The Netherlands
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Liina Liblik,, +31 (0)205203900
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CYFI was established on the 30th of June 2011/ . CYFI’s sister organization and Jeroo Billimoria’s previous endeavor, Aflatoun, has their own Economic Citizenship Education (ECE) curriculum which was being implemented by partners around the world. However, Jeroo found that although ECE is important, only a small number of children were being reached due to systemic limitations.

Therefore, CYFI was born out of recognition that reshaping financial systems is needed to support the global network in changing the lives of many more children and youth worldwide.


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Poverty is a global challenge. It has so many enduring effects on people, their communities and their countries.

CYFI sees that that the key to fighting poverty is for people to learn how to manage and handle money, and have the confidence, knowledge and responsibility to spend and earn it responsibly. This must start from childhood.

So CYFI has partnered with thousands of organizations in over 150 countries around the world – from banks, to governments, to NGOs, to academics – you name it! Together, they work to create policies and programs that make children and youth able to learn about money, have access to a bank account, develop entrepreneurial skills and, most importantly, to believe in themselves.





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  • Affiliated member of G20’s Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (
  • Associate Member of the International Network for Financial Education (
  • Member of the Global Partnership for Youth in Development (
  • Member of the Coalition for Adolescent Girls (
  • Member of the European Microfinance Network (
  • Member of the European Entrepreneurship Education Hub (






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Liina Liblik,, +31 (0)205203900
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Bram van Eijk,
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Lubna Shaban
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Miss Lubna Shaban is the Co-Director of Child and Youth Finance International. She is a Master’s degree holder in International Management specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation from the University of Exeter, UK. She has first-hand experience with the topic of youth entrepreneurship, having set up her own enterprise at the age of 28, and now advocating for favourable entrepreneurship ecosystems for youth through YE!. She has presented on the topic of social, financial and entrepreneurship skills development for children and youth at international conferences, contributed to publications on this topic and has lead in coordinating Global Money Week, a global activity raising awareness on this issue in over 80 countries.
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Wessel van Kampen
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Bram van Eijk
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Mr Bram van Eijk is the Co-Director of Child and Youth Finance International. Bram joined CYFI as part of the Management Team at its inception in 2011 and contributed to the growth and development of the Movement, with a particular focus on strengthening the academic knowledge on the topic and ensuring the fluid running of the organization. Prior to joining CYFI, Bram held various programmatic roles in non-governmental organizations in both The Netherlands and the United States. Bram holds a BA in Political Science and History and a Master’s in Public Administration.
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Wessel van Kampen
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