Announcing the 2020 TOP 100 SPO/NGO

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Announcing the 2020 TOP 100 SPO/NGO

Innovation, Impact, and Governance: this is what NGO Advisor looks at when analysing the non-profit world, or should we say the ’Social Profit World‘. Welcome to the 2020 Top 100 SPO/NGO list.

This year we decided to give way to the TOP 100 before announcing the entire 500 list in a few days. As a matter of fact, the 2020 Top 100 list sees little changes with only one organisation entering the Top 100 : Brazilian Rede Cidada (Citizen Network) makes the final cut when the Swiss Geneva Call loses its position in the top part of the Ivy League, something of a paradox though. The rest of the 2020 list will come with more surprises to be announced soon, – it made it more challenging for us to cope with the entire list this year.

This 2020 list is launched with excitement as the social profit sector keeps growing and transforming the world, but also with sadness as the founder of BRAC, Sir Fazle passed away in 2019. He was a man of outstanding stature and humanity; he was at the forefront of systemic changes we are still aiming for. As BRAC keeps thriving, holding its #1 position in the list since 2016, this top seat is there to remind everyone in the sector of the necessity to be prepared, in advance, for transmitting control to the next generation of leadership, in due time. BRAC comes with its huge reservoir of human resources and expertise many would love to work and innovative with. We have reasons to believe that BRAC is on its way to pay a sustainable tribute to its founder by keeping its leading driving role of the social profit sector.

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