How can I claim an NGO’s profile if this profile already exists in NGO ADVISOR list? First you need to create a login and chose one of our NGO PRO Plan. Then please inform us immediately claim@ngoadvisor.net. Your request to become the authorized author for this profile will be timely reviewed. Expect a little delay if your email is sent off-hours as we need to make sure that you are the new authorized representative.


How can I become authorized representative of my NGO’s profile?

When you first create your login and put a request for creating an NGO profile we will verify your credentials, and get back to you and to your organization.

If one of your colleagues is already handling an existing profile of the organization you will represent, your colleague should grant you his login. If that is not possible, please inform us claim@ngoadvisor.net.


Do ranked NGOs have a profile?

Yes. All ranked NGOs ( listed in the TOP 500 NGOs) have the benefit of a ‘Registered’ status. Should they wish to upgrade their NGO PRO Plan, they can easily do so in their account.


How can I edit my NGO’s profile?

Log in to your account and click on “my organization.” This will open your profile for editing. When you’re done, click “save” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and your profile will update immediately. Questions or concerns? Email us at info@ngoadvisor.net.


May I edit several NGO’s profiles?

Yes. As far as you’ll be an authorized representative for organizations’ profile, you can edit as many as needed.


How does NGO Advisor verify profile information?

NGO ADVISOR is first and foremost a media organization founded on principles of journalism. Our research begins with public records. We apply to that work the same efforts we put when conducting investigation as journalists. NGOs receiving support from the private sector, and that do not have a great deal of public records, can provide us with information at their discretion but they have to acknowledge that this information would then belong to the public sphere. However we are vigilant to not publicize information that could put NGO constituencies at risk.


How do NGOs ensure they are considered in the scoring process?

The best way to get on our radar is to create an account so that your NGO has a status with NGO ADVISOR. Four options are available, including a free one. We will make a preliminary decision about scoring your NGO based on available information. The information required for obtaining “registered,” “verified” and “certified” statuses ensures that NGOs with these statuses can be scored. However, there is no way to ensure your NGO will be ranked.


How do NGOs access the online ranking questionnaire?

NGOs need to opt for an NGO PRO plan (four different plans, including a free one). As soon as you are starting


What are the differences between an NGO’s Pro Plan status, profile and ranking?

Each NGO Pro Plan requires different information and a different degree of transparency from the NGO. An NGO’s status indicates their pledge to a certain level of transparency and accountability.

An NGO’s profile, is a one-pager full of critical data and contacts so that you don’t need to run after different sources of information. A profile is thought to be a fair and complete summary of what we think is key in order to engage with an NGO, would it be getting a job, volunteering, donating, liking, studying, interning, reporting, partnering.

An NGO’s ranking is the result of our research into the NGO. This ranking will display on the profile.


Can an NGO improve its status, profile or ranking?

As regards to Status: by choosing their NGO PRO Plan NGOs accept to provide the requested amount of data and information. NGO ADVISOR will review each profile before making it available to its readership and audience. In case of missing elements, NGO ADVISOR will inform the NGO. Would the NGO refuse to provide missing data or information, NGO ADVISOR will take appropriate decision, possibly refunding the purchase of the chosen NGO PRO Plan. Our compliance process is there to make sure that NGOs accept the challenge of transparency and accountability (and not only based on form such as IRS statement, or on self-declaration of good accountability by joining paid for Charter of good conduct. Each NGO is free to choose their status based on their ability to provide information. We encourage NGOs to obtain the highest possible status (“certified”).

As regards to Profile: the questionnaire has a two objectives. To help us access to data that is in most cases not available online and make sure that when scoring NGOs, NGO ADVISOR has up-to-date and verified data and information. The questionnaire is also used as a basis for the profile. Not all data and information are used in the profile. When an NGO fills its questionnaire, it can also immediately see, on screen, which information is to be part of their profile. At anytime NGO ADVISOR can decide to include or exclude fields of the questionnaire in the NGOs’ profile. During the pr-launching period of the NGO ADVISOR platform, we welcome feedbacks from users to improve, enlarge, and enrich profile as appropriate.

Depending on the quality of information provided by NGOs, profiles will reflect the degree of commitment to transparency and accountability by participants. NGOs can edit their profiles anytime. They can upgrade their NGO PRO Plan in order to improve their profile.

When an NGO aims at a ‘Certified’ NGO PRO Plan, it allows not only readers (subscribers) but all visitors of our platform to access their profile, including contacts as regard to media, funding, human resources, request for speakers, and donating links.

The publicity and visibility of an NGO’s profile depend on the Pro Plan selected by that NGO.

 As regards to ranking. By providing the most, complete, accurate and up-to-date information available, an NGO optimized its involvement in the ranking process.


How does NGO Advisor prevent fraudulent profiles?

NGO Advisor is in contact with each NGO that creates an account. If we receive no response in our attempts to validate a profile, or if we aren’t satisfied with that response, the account will be deleted.


Who can view an NGO profile?

All NGO profiles are visible to our readers (all subscribers including NGO PRO Plan subscribers). However, only profiles belonging to NGOs with a “certified” status are available to all visitors of the NGO ADVISOR website.

When visiting our website, you’ll see when checking the All NGOs section, a little red rubbon with an eye, indicating that an NGO has a public profile.

Here it is:


Do NGOs have access to the rankings and to profiles?

NGOs with “registered,” “verified” and “certified” statuses have access to both the rankings and all other NGO profiles. NGOs with a “listed” status must upgrade their Pro Plan to access rankings and profiles. NGOs with a “listed” do not have profile until they upgrade their NGO PRO Plan.


Does an NGO need to be ranked to have a profile?

No. NGOs with “registered,” “verified” and “certified” statuses automatically have profiles. NGOs with a “listed” status must upgrade their Pro Plan to open their profile.