“We maintain hope in WHS”: An interview with KYM’s CEO Ayşe Özkalay

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“We maintain hope in WHS”: An interview with KYM’s CEO Ayşe Özkalay
Nourhan, 17, lives in Nahr el Bared camp for Palestinian refugees, in Tripoli. She and her parents live in a temporary shelter since their dwelling was reduced to rubble due to fighting in May 2007. LEBANON, Tripoli, 25 March 2016. © Giles Clarke/Getty Images Reportage
Though the organization participated in preparatory meetings for next week's World Humanitarian Summit, Kimse Yok Mu (KYM) was inexplicably not invited. In an interview with NGO Advisor, KYM 's CEO Ayşe Özkalay explains that the prominent Turkish NGO has hope that the WHS will deliver on its promise of a realistic global humanitarian agenda. by Jean-Christophe Nothias | Editor, NGO ADVISOR   Jean-Christophe Nothias (JCN): The World Humanitarian Summit, the first meeting of its kind, is fast approaching. As you know, it is taking place in Istanbul. As a Turkish NGO, what results are you hoping to see at the Summit? Do you see...

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