Claim Profile

Claim Profile

If you wish to become the official representative for an organization and take command of its profile then we need to receive detailed information about your own position within that organization. We also require from any claimer to copy one executive of his/her organization when emailing us so that we can make sure you are rightly entitled to become the official representative.

In any case you will have to create your own account, and once the claim has been validated, we will switch command of the organization’s profile to your account. You will then be able to update this profile and be able to follow-up on questions either from your organization or NGO Advisor.

You will also be the person in charge for setting any appropriate contact with students, researchers, and academics, with the private sector, the non-profit sector, the media, and anyone interested in your organization.

An official representative is a leading role as you will interconnect your organization data with NGO Advisor, – you know how critical that can be for the rankings -, our readers, and your community of donors and followers. So be prepared to be pro-active and take advantage of all the features and services at your service here at NGO Advisor. Check our Premium Club to optimize your communications and impact.

What to do when the official representative is leaving the organization?

We encourage this person to inform NGO Advisor and seak a replacement within his/her organization. If that is not done, then the new official representative needs to claim the profile. He/she will open an account, and once approved as an official representative, profile and status, such a Premium Club membership, will be transfer to that new account. Feel free to contact NGO Advisor for support at