About NGO Advisor

NGO ADVISOR is a Geneva-based independent media organization committed to highlighting innovation, impact, and governance in the nonprofit sector.

We research, evaluate, and rank NGOs in order to showcase the best practices and newest ideas in the nonprofit sector. We organize our research into rankings both for the sake of the organizations that participate in our review and to present our findings to a large international audience of donors, volunteers, journalists, researchers, diplomats and others. We aim to be a mirror for the evolving values of the global nonprofit sector and to spark debate about the nature of nonprofit work.


Our research unites the rigors of academia with the autonomy of journalism. Co-founder Jean-Christophe Nothias, formerly of The Global Journal, began building the ranking methodology in 2009. He has since enlisted the expertise of partners at the University of Geneva as well as from the nonprofit sector to improve the evaluation metrics. The result is a transparent, fair, and independent review of nonprofit organizations from around the world.


We sometimes see tension between the nonprofit sector and the media. NGOs often feel compelled to present data in a way that fits the narrative of their mission or to please donors; journalists intend to seek out the truth but often bring their own biases to reporting. Nothias, with his experience as a journalist of global affairs, unifies these dual interests and grounds our practice in the values of both. Under his guidance, we combine sound journalism with comprehensive research to conduct a fair assessment of the nonprofit sector that will serve organizations, journalists, researchers, and others dedicated to improving NGOs.


At NGO Advisor, we know that the impact of nonprofit work goes well beyond what can be found in financial statements. We always keep the people who make up the nonprofit world in mind, from NGO workers to beneficiaries and everyone in between. These people are ultimately the intended benefactors of our work.